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West Coast ?East Coast Observation


Michael Snowdon

I just spent three days in Philly, New Jersey, Delaware and notice alot more Avalanches on the road then on the West Coast, or should I say Orange County, CA. Wonder why that is?

I really want to buy one, but am going to wait tell the 2003 model arrives, so I am looking for them as I drive.

Anyone else have that observation

I too am curious as to how different regions are represented by Av owners. Here in northern Colorado, I'd say it's pretty sparce - I've seen very few on the roads here. But the ones that I have passed have been very friendly - having a unique vehicle is fun while it lasts!
I've definitely seen my fair share of Av's around....in a way it makes me feel good to see other Av's out there...it means more members eventually! ;)
I see maybe 1 to 2 AVs a day. I think it has more to do with living in a city. I am sure that if I ventured out into the country side I would see more of them.
In the Gulf Coast area they are getting more common - course they were available here first in volume. They are popular with weekend boat haulers. :D
Here in WY I've only seen 4 since they've been out.

Boy, do I get really weird looks where ever I go.

big question here this month is "how do you haul your 5th wheel with this?"
I was talking to my dad the other day on Saturday, and he said that Eastern Colorado, into Denver is "Turning into Avalanche Country"....He said that he sees several every day coming ang going to work, and they all have the new car stickers....A good thing I think! :)
i see more and more here in mass. there are about 4 in my town not including my dads. there is also another black 2500 in my town but its got roof racks. thank god its not the same as my dads , i hate when people have the same exact thing. well my dads isnt like any other avy's around here so im happy ;D
Here in the Mid Atlantic, specifically here in MD, near the end of last year I would see a Av maybe once a week if I was lucky. Almost 4 months later, I normally will see one every couple of days.

I hope it's not the same one everyday? ;D ;D
Starting to see a lot here in the Bayou State. ;D
Just my two cents here, but west coast rappers seem to bust it hard from the G-funk busy, yo? East coast rappers slap the hard spin on a... ah.... um... er... nevermind.

I live on Long Island and I bought my Avy in Oct. I was one of the first people on the Island to get it. Now I see them popping up here and there. It was nice to have a unigue vehicle for awhile. The commercials hadn't started yet so a lot of people would look at me and wonder what the hell was that!!!!
I live in southeast Georgia, and I have been seeing several vacationers on I-95 and U.S. Highway 17. What's been great is that many Avy owners will smile and salute or wave to a fellow Avy. In a state where it is customary for pick-up truck drivers to wave back and forth, I have sort-of fallen out of touch with the pickup drivers on the road (they look perplexed... it must be one of those: "is it a truck? or suv? or what the hell is it?" trucker delimas).
But all I can say is wave on Avy bruthas and sistas!
Word..Peace out.
Even in New York us Avalanche Owners wave or give each other the brights. THat's saying a lot for New Yorkers. Ha Ha. People have all different views of the Avy. To me it's an SUV with a big ass trunk. I'll tell you though, I don't think GM had any idea what they created. Not everyone likes it, but they are all amazed by it.
I live in Lousiville, KY and maybe have seen about 2-3 Avs on the road during my 30 min commute. Not that many here. I am hoping to add to that soon....still waiting to get my AV. I do want the 2002 model and so does the wife. She likes the cladding and the vehicle very much. Talk her into giving up her 1999 fully loaded Mustang convertible for an AV......just need to sell once the weather favors convertibles.
... Actually was surprised by how many seem to be running around in Central Florida. I saw one over the weekend with a boat in tow, kids in the back, and DVD player going over head while the driver had the indash Nav system on. Cool.