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Wet Down Both Legs, But OK!


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Mar 3, 2002
?:eek:Got my new AV on Tuesday (a replacement for my first one) and headed for the 'Site'. ?Caught the "clunk shifting between 2-3 gears" thread. ?Next day headed to work and was checking for the clunk, which I don't have, and BANG-BANG!!!! ?I thought, oh gosh, there goes my tranny, with a bigtime clunk. ?Turns out my wife didn't shut the tailgate hard enough and I had to go back home and change my shorts. ?:2: ? :B: ?Thought you all my enjoy a laugh from a paranoid AV owner on his second chance rig.
Don't feel too bad. . . . . . I drove off twice and forgot to close the gate. DUH!
I did that once. Fortunately, my video camera didn't fly out the back. The sound scared the heck out of me.
When I picked my AV up at the dealer, my salesman told me make sure I slam the tailgate shut. He was driving an AV and the gate opened he said he nearly pooped his pants and thought a MACK truck slammed into him. :rolleyes:

Hey Leather...nice icon! Can you make her bigger? >:D

Truckman :B:
I've done it twice myself. Both times I found myself looking at both mirrors frantically looking for the small car I thought I just ran over. >:D After doing it twice I always close the gate and give it a little tug on the top.
Truckman no I cannot make her bigger! Is that you I see tring to get into my post >:D
Slam and tug twice, good advice on the gate. tug while gripping at each corner, you might find one of them didn't latch. adjustment of the striker bar is not rocket science if you have a serious problem getting it to latch.

I had the same thing happen while driving the rig home from the dealer, with my wife following me. She was not impressed, but hell she still looks pretty good so I can forgive a few things . . ok alot of things. plus she hasn't even hinted at getting rid of the motorcycle, like some of her predecessors that are no longer on the team. (buried 'em out back - now don't sass me girl!)

Done it at lease twice. Funny thing is that the tailgate was locked. At least it look like it was locked. Now I slam it hard and try to pull it open before I lock it. I wonder if it is a design problem or just an adjustment problem.
Two for me too . . . the first time it scared me big time, but for some reason, I didn't notice it at all the second. I probably looked pretty foolish running down the freeway with the gate open - found it when we pulled in to a rest stop! I was just glad that I had nothing in the bed that time.

Now it's a good slam, a good pull at each side to be sure both sides are latched, I lock it - if the key doesn't turn smoothly, it's still not latched, and a look in the rearview from time to time to be sure it's still shut!

I would like a 'tailgate open' warning on the message center - sure more useful than the 'cargo light on' message since that light turns itself out. Are you listening Chevy ?
It has not happened to me yet. But my wife just about had a heart attack driving it off the dealer's lot. We took it in the dealer did something to it (changed a gasket and adjusted the latches) and bam it happened to her on the way home. We learned to slam it, tug on it, lock it and tug on it once more. Have not had a problem since. ;D

Happy AVing everyone.
This happened to me also but not with my Av...but with an Av..I had test driven off the dealer lot.....not once but twice I had to stop during the test drive..because the tailgate had dropped while driving......needless to say the salesman was quite embarrassed at the series of events.....I bought an Av anyway...not the one I test drove though....that one was a Z66 Av.....I purchased the Z71..... :B:
About five years ago, I owned a Jeep Wrangler and was heading to northern CO for a short respite. On the way up, we stopped for groceries and I stuck them on the floor behind the driver's seat. About three-quarters of the way up Berthoud Pass... POOM!!! the giant bag of Lay's Potato chips blew up in the thin atmosphere. Talk about nearly wetting yourself!
When I was a kid, I was sent into town to buy two florescent light tubes for work. They would not fit in the back seat of the 68 T-bird, so I had about four inches of each of them sticking out the driver's window behind my head. Worked fine for about three miles, until I passed a car going the other way at about 70.

The car filled with a very fine white powder and glass fragments when one of the tubes exploded.

That was exciting!
I got a story. I don't own an AV yet (waiting for the 2003s) but I peed my pants over one. I was going in the opposite direction of an AV that my nine year old son saw before I did. Since he knows daddy wants one, he shouted: "Daddy, daddy, look! It's an Avalanche!" I looked out my window but didn't see it. Within a microsecond I turned my eyes back to the road in front of me and heard a BANG!! WHAM!! CRASH!! BLAM!! The dribble down my legs started as I hit the brakes. I turned my head to see what used to be a lawn mower splattered in tiny pieces (you recognize most of the engine and blade) all over the road on the other side, along with about two dozen cans of beer bouncing and rolling all over both lanes. I kept turning my head to follow the trail of debris and that's when I saw the AV, tailgate hanging open, the removable tops still on.

"Lordy, Lordy", my wife said to me, "You want to buy one of those things?" I looked like I'd seen a ghost. All I could say in defense was that the Chevy Avalanche fan club has it all figured out, so don't worry. I gotta tell though I was swallowing hard.

Tailgate thing and the water leaks into the cab from the midgate that have been reported have caused me nightmares and are the reasons I haven't bought one already.
Before we drove our black Z66 off the lot, the salesmen also told us to "slam the tailgate good" because you wouldn't believe "how many people have had it fall down and call us." So, we always make sure it's shut well, and it has never come down. After being in a bad accident in our previous car, I think the bang of it falling would cause whoever was driving to go to the bathroom on themselves, have a panic attack, or crash!

And, we haven't had any leaks into the cabin either. The only place I ever noticed water was after the first wash I did, and noticed some dribbled in on each side of the bed, with the covers on. Since new, the back window/latches had been rattling over bumps, but seem to have gone away since I took the window out and then slammed the Midgate closed really hard before putting it back in. We'll see if this is a permanent fix.