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What Did Santa Bring Your Av?


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Nov 14, 2002
Amarillo, TEXAS!!!!!
Santa brought mine a hood deflector, a sunroof wind deflector, and an atlas so I can finally take the road less traveled!

Do the deflectors simply mount with 3M tape? Sounds cheesy!


Good Deal Chris!!

Santa Was Pretty good to me too.

Got the Splash Guards Front and Rear
Air Mattress
and a New Switch plate for the Drivers Side Door!


I should get the tent too. I keep seeing the tent/mattress combo on Ebay for $200. Maybe I'll buy it after I return all the t-shirts I got from my wife!

Santa brought a new hitch cover, splash guards and a cool AV t-shirt.

I got for mine decals for the cladding and tail gate also on order I have the LOF and the adaptor
BTW chris the sunroof deflector does go on with 3M tape it looks real good you don't notice the tape and it holds on real good
GM all,Hi there HeavyD, what did Santa bring me for Xmas? A brand new AV, yep, Oh yah its victory red, 1:6 RC. Man its a good size RC truck, good thing I have tile floors! ;D ;D
JG, How do you like the front splash guards, I have them on the rear and they look OK and help keep the Gibson tip clean. I wondered if the the fronts looked OK
Hey Loopy good luck with your new AV those thing are huge I have one of those but mine is sitting write on top of my wall unit where nobody can touch it.
Santa broghtme my AV a hood deflector w/AV logo, AV Mountian logo for C piller and a GM car care kit
I must have been a very good boy 'cause Santa dropped off an FM 50 with dual out the back. Man does it sound bitchin............

My AV received some money for X-Mas, so that means a FloMaster in the morning before the San Antonio GTG.
Nothing for the Av yet but stuff for its biggest fan - me :D. I got the Avalanche cap that is advertised at ChevyMall and some FRS radios that will make cruising with Av people so much easier.

It's up to the folks in the NEO chapter to convince the parents to buy those mountain decals ;D.
My Av got the decals for the cladding as well, and the decals for the "chevrolet" on the tailgate and the visor warning label decals. BTW, any tricks of the trade for putting on the decals for the outside? Thx! Happy Holidays!!!
Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas everyone,

Well, my new 03 Black AV was an early Xmas gift (11/02). ;D ;D

I was supposed to get mod $money$ for and additional gift. :D Instead, I dented the rear bumper, :mad: and my mod money went to replace all of the parts with new ones. ;D Truck is now perfect!

But I also got a GPS solution for my IPAQ to use in the new truck ;D

Santa did a great job!

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!!

Seasons Greetings from the "GMAN"
A nice pewter rottweiler hitch cover and lock, a Creative Labs Nomad 3 to listen to in her, and new eyes (INTRALASIK) to see her with. Merry Christmas to all.
My mother-in-law bought me a Victory Red Sportwing!!! :eek: I guess she likes me!

My wife bought me the Line of Fire.

I suspect my mother has bought me the hood deflector and/or some Weatherflectors... I'll have to wait on those till tomorrow though. :)
Just bought my AV last month (11/22)

Wife said my present is already sitting in the garage--needless to say, no presents under the tree for me. Heck I still have the temporary license tags on it. My vanity plates haven't arrived yet. Only 1089 miles on the odometer so far. She kinda gave me "that" look when I asked for a gift. Yeaah right, in your dreams buddy.

I did kinda mention to her as a possible New year's gift that I am needing 2 3D blue MagLite flashilights for each side compartment. ( The mounting clips are already installed).

Ohh, I did get the obligatory sweater and ties from my kids. As far as my kids though, I think Mrs Santa may have gone a little overboard this year. My house looks like a Toys R Us store!
That sucks chief!!!

You need Santa Chief to start getting you stuff!

(I saw a bunch of 02 cladding pieces on ebaymotors yesterday)

Santa (wife) brought me a Maglite with mounting brackets and I had the engine cover painted. Pictures will be posted on my website soon!
Chief said:
Nothing... ?:6:

I am sure that Chief was Nice not Naughty, so it must have been the Avalanche Widows got together and had a talk with Santa. I bet they think that Chief is Naughty. What was Chief wanting for his Avalanche?
The wife got me the Pioneer Nav Sys 900 DVD and a front Console to mount it in. But I got mine really early because I couldn't wait. :-*

:B: :B: :B:



Some guy, that Santa ;D

Santa brought me my new Avalanche, after getting it I didn't want to push my luck for much else. ?Though Santa's #1 elf, better known as my wife, did allow me to order a line of fire, sport wing, running boards, C pillar graphics, visor graphics, and let me change my DRL and head lamps.