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What Do You Have In Your Side Compartments?


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Feb 19, 2002
I was just wandering what everyone puts in those handy rear side compartments????

I have a slim-jm kit and hitch accessories in oneside and the other side is filled with MOTHERS wax and cleaning supplies.
There was another thread with a bunch of answers.
Side with jack (locked) - all emergency stuff (jumper cables, flairs, outlet tire pump, straps, chains (for pulling out Jeeps :cry: when off-roading, ... etc). Compartment still has additional room.

Other side has extra clothes and boots - for winter. Will be changing to Summer Stuff (golf shoes, sneakers, fold up-cooler ...)

Passenger side: tow rope, trailer hitch, foul weather suit, 100' Lufkin fiberglass tape measure, windbreaker, briar chaps, GM tire changing kit, jumper cables, tie down straps and an electric air pump.

Driver side: snake boots, binoculars, flashlight and orange vest.
Recovery Strap, small army type shovel/pick combo, a couple knives, receiver with different convert-a-balls, emergency light, duck tape, rags and bug remover(I live in S Louisiana), tire chains, rubber boots and bungie straps. And if you don't leak this info out, I hiding Jimmy Hoffa in there also.
Left Side: 2 wool blankets, Sorrells, gloves, bunny hat and original bowtie emblem.
Right Side: Hitch with 1.75, 2, 2.25 balls, two tow straps another hat and set of gloves plus GM stuff.

FYI: for you non-military types, a bunny hat is the hat similar to what Randy Quaid wears in Christmas Vacation - ideal for when you get stranded somewhere cold.
midlifecrisis said:
Believe it or not, last night I shoved an entire full-length golfer's size umbrella into one of the side compartments. ?I could not believe it swallowed the whole umbrella and asked for more! ;D

What else would you expect from a Sport Luxury Utility Truck?

I've got a flashlight, tow rope, and tire iron in the passenger side. The driver's side is currently empty and waiting for warm weather so it can prove to me how many cans and how much ice will fit. ;) It's going to come in real handy this summer when we take the kids out west to see Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone.
Does anybody know if the compartments will keep cold for any length of time? How fast will the ice melt? And what happens if you try to drive around with melting ice in the compartment?
midlifecrisis said:
Does anybody know if the compartments will keep cold for any length of time? ?How fast will the ice melt? ?And what happens if you try to drive around with melting ice in the compartment?
The compartments are not insulated like an Igloo cooler, and there is access to outside air from the drain in the bottom. When the ice melts it will just drain out below the truck.
In the summertime, that black truck of yours will most likely enhance the hypothermic decay process of your frozen H20. Park in the shade and consume beverages quickly. ;D ;D ;D

Took ours camping week before last, loaded the left hand side up with drinks, right hand side with, um, stuff. Drinks stayed cold all weekend.

Of course, it was 19 degrees outside when we got up.....
I was seriously thinking of using the side compartment as a cooler when we go camping. Then I don't have to bring a big bulky cooler on the trip. Of course, one of the reasons I bought the Av was because of all the room in the bed to place a big bulky cooler that wouldn't fit in our minivan.

Oh - so many Av options and so many decisions!!! Life is rough.......
Generally I keep my AV cleaning stuff in the one compartment and an ice scraper in the other. I went to the beach with a few friends a few weeks ago when it was nice and I filled up the one compartment with a case of beer and poured Ice on top. Words can not explain how cool that was. I didn't eve have to empty the water when the ice melted. GM Rocks!!!!
Left: 2 heavy leather gloves, 2 heavy wool blankets, heavy duty jumper cables.

Right: plug for towing, convert-a-ball receiver (pretty cool - you never have to get a wrench to switch between 1-7/8", 2" or 2-1/4" balls but is still rated in the 7,000lb class, Californina Car Wash duster, tow strap, Russian-looking winter hat (hey, it gets cold here and it's warm, Air Force issue)

Stuff Chevy gave me, recovery strap, empty sand bags, long pole ice scaper, jumper cables, tie downs, bungie cords, fix a flat, spotlight, plastic tarp. Still enough room for some cold ones.
Drivers Side=Portable TV, Sony Walkman, Windshield washer fluid, Wheel Lock Key.

Pass.Side= Jumper Cables, Bungee cords, leather Wipes, First Aid Kit, Flares, Paper Towles,Tow Ropes, Flashlight.

Still plenty of room for any more junk I wont need all year. ;)
There is another thread with the same topic and a bunch of answers. much older thread but maybe should be added to.
Passenger Side: Jack equipment (duh), ratchet tie-downs (the best investment for a truck ever), trailer cable, rope

Driver Side: Keepin' it empty for icy beverages (Memorial Day, July 4th, any convenient weekend...)