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What Drls Do You Have

What DRL's do you have

  • Stock

    Votes: 145 100.0%
  • Amber

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

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Sorry to disappoint you all with amber DRL's but we have stock. As long as they don't burn out, it'll probably stay that way. To be honest, I've seen a ton of Avalanches and I've never seen the amber DRL's on one. But yes I have seen them on Sierras and Silverados.

By the way, does the burnt out DRL problem occur on the Avalanche like it does on the Silverados, Tahoes, and Suburbans? I haven't seen one burnt out DRL on the AV but I read two people on this site saying their passenger side DRL is out. If the stock did burn out, would it be best to get the ambers?
From the members that do have the ambers I haven't read anyone having any problems with them...they seem to be as reliable as the stock drls for the most part....but I suppose like almost everything in this world today...it isn't 100%.....

Cosmetically they look really nice on the Av's.... :B:
We are fans of the Amber DRLs down here in San Antonio.

They really stand out and just look cool ;D
Ever since the Xrover post on Amber DRLs, I have been running them. They are a very cheap ($5) and easy upgrade (5 minutes) and will make your truck stick out from the stock Avs starting to infiltrate the country >:D

The amber drl's look great on the sage green metallic ;D
I have the blue DRLs in my Av. The truck is blue, and it looks pretty cool. They seem to stand out, and a lot of people have said how different they are. That was one of the first things I did.
Same as baron. They look white when they are burning (very slight blue tint). I bought amber, and my wife thought the blue looked better with the blue av. The blue were expensive, though, so when they burn out, it will be amber.
CO Av - if you get the NALL version of the amber bulb, it'll last for a long long time (that's the rough service / Long Life version). I am back to blue myself, we'll see if they last or if they burn down to green again, I am using a different bulb this time (but last time it was a Wagner bulb, and Wagner ain't slouches). I still have my amber bulbs too, for when my blues ain't blue . ..
AMBER cause GOO said they do not have purple neon DRLs yet >:D
Mine are blue which produce a white light similar to the Xenon headlights. May switch to the ambers anyway since most of the members here have gone to amber.
ygmn said:
AMBER cause GOO said they do not have purple neon DRLs yet >:D

I didn't say that. I was thinking about these >:D

Amber, It's a CAFCNA thing!

BTW mine are GE 4157 NAKR bulbs, I think the K stands for Kryptonite, look out Superman! They cost $11 for the pair, and I wonder if I got ripped off, or if they really are better.
mine are stock! I personally don't like the amber drls.... besides, if everyone on the forum goes to the amber, mine will be the one that looks modded ;D
i have amber ones ;D i'm from the denver/castle rock area and i have yet to see an other av with amber dlrs

i'm working on a dlr/parking/blinker mod and its almost done. so far its pretty straight forward and i think most here could do it. i'll post pics and stuff as soon as its done
I am very interested with this poll due to all the members we have today verus when this one originally done and only 60 voted....