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What GAS Do You Use?

What octane gas do you use in your Av, and from where?

  • 92/1

    Votes: 53 94.6%
  • 89

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • 87

    Votes: 1 1.8%

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hey fellas,

i know you guys see this all the time, so i thought why not... :D

esp. interesting because it is an Av based forum, but as always ALL are completely welcome...

my choice...89 Chevron, you guessed it TECHRON babee! ;D ;D ;D
Cheapo gas for me.
Shell or Mobil for me...usually the mid-grade stuff.....never used the premium yet....
Chevron 93 - this is Texas - none of that west coast wimp gas. I would rather get a hernia pushing my truck past a Texaco station than fill up at it. ;D
I live in Illinois. I either drive down to the Mobil station or on occasion I go to the Shell station. Wherever I go, I avoid any methanol, alcohol, or Ethanol. I try to run straight unleaded fuel when possible. :cool:
The book says run 87 so that's what I run. I will switch to the premium stuff after a hypertech update but doing it now is only a waste of money. No blue smoke for me and it runs strong.
Our 89 (IL, IA) has ethanol added and affects the fuel mileage noticeably. Bonneville and the Av both run best on 87 and techron for cleaner periodically.
The pollster needs to add 85 octane for us folks along the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

Here in Colorado, 85 is regular, 87 is mid-grade and 91 is premium... really sucks, eh? It's *so* nice driving back to my hometown in Wisconsin and finding those stations selling methanol free 92 octane! My dirtbike runs so much stronger back there (but I'm sure the decrease in altitude is a bigger factor).

Anyway, pinging typically isn't a problem at altitude. At 7,000 ft. above sea-level "air is rare".
87 octane from Costco at $1.03 a gallon! Whoo Hoh!


Ya I hate that midwestern crappy 89 octane gas with the alcohol on it. Leaves you with no middle choice, and worse they have the gonads to charge more for it!!!

Chief - who lived in South Dakota for 18 months...
I've been using 89 in mine. Might try 87 soon to see if it knocks at all, and if not and the mileage is still ok, I'll probably drop to it. Not really into a specific brand, but I do put Amaco in it once in a while since they have fairly clean gas.
87 octane right coast gas here with no problems. ?I have been told that using a higher octane gas than needed can actually be detrimental. ?High octane gas does not contain more BTU's or power, it actually burns slower which is why it is less likely to cause knocking or pinging (actually pre-ignition, the gas starts burning before the spark plug ignites it). ?Since the computer is set up for our trucks to burn 87 octane and is expecting the burn rate of 87 octane, if we use a higher octane that burns slower it may not burn a completely, which will lead to increased carbon build-up and deposits in the engine. ?So unless your vehicle is pinging on 87 octane, save your money. ?The other myth is that the higher octane fuel contains more additives for cleaning the combustion chambers. ?Not so, the additive package is the same for a particular brand across the octane range. ?Follow the recomendation in your owner's manual and you, your Avalanche, and your pocket book will be happy. ?The only one unhappy is the oil company whose not getting an extra .30 per gallon for stuff that you don't need.
Big_Don is on target. I just recieved my AAA magizine today and read a detailed article on, you guessed right, octane differences and recommendations. 87 octane should allow your AV to perform at peak performance. After say 100,000 mi. then you may try 89 and if necessary higher grade as your Av matures. ;)
The octane stuff is very true. As my ex-father inlaw always told me...burn the recommended octane from the manufactuer. (He is an engineer for GM in the powertrain division...which has to do with the engine and how it runs...so i think he knows what he is talking about) So DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY and HURT YOUR VEHICLE!
Well, it seems like I'll have to go with the regular then....especially if we have inside scoop from Gm itself..
My 2000 z-71 started a ticking noise at start up like valves noise and i brought in and they cleaned the cylinders, it stopped. started up again about 8000 miles later, they cleaned it stopped,,,, so on and so on.
my 2001 yukon did the same thing,,,5.3 in one and 4.8 in the other. My mechanic which i trust with everything except my wife told me it was carbon build up, which when i bought my new 2002 av a couple of weeks ago he said they have still not fixed the problem.
He did say that running higher octane gas than prescribed in book which is 87 will make it happen sooner due to computer being set for 87. carbon builds up quicker with the premium
I had problems using higher octane that what the manual recomennded on the last GM I owned, a '90 Olds Cutlass Calais. I know that I'm talking apples and oranges with this type of car comparison but it's just been my basis to let people know that it doesn't necessarilly pay to use a higher octane than the manual recomends. Higher octane=lighter wallet.
Well, do to the input of some intelligent folks, I just filled up tonight with regular as opposed to plus (89)...

Funny but it feels like the Av runs better on the 87 than it did on the 89...it's kind of hard to explain but I'm sure you guys and gals get the point...

Is this possible? Could you feel a difference this soon in a switch? ???
I never even considered using anything but 87 octane in the Av. Even in my 1995 Eagle Vision, which recommended premium fuel, I almost always used regular with no problems.

I did however use premium fuel in my minivan whenever we used it to tow our camper. I figured it needed all the help it could get. The Av will need absolutely NO help in that department!
Exxon for my AV I mix all grades