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What I Saw In Whistler, B.C.


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Jun 9, 2002
Renton, Wa
What I saw was this truck (Av) from Seattle with a rolling logo put all over it. They were up to ride their bikes at Whistler for the end of summer. The owner had NOT heard of this website. He does NOW!! Only thing is I think I misspelled it when I wrote it out. Oh well, maybe he'll do a google search and find it! Anyway here is a picture of his truck.

I'm just getting ready to order mine now as our lease is almost up. Will I lease or buy? I think the wife wants to lease as she is the employee of GM. She likes having a new vehicle every 3 years. We will be turning in a 2000 Chevy Blazer!

Well enjoy the pics.... ;D

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Cool pick Dipster!

So you're saying it was a guys personal ride, not some special advertising vehicle for some company?

Leasing? Those incentives to buy are mighty nice out there right now... :rolleyes:
Yeah, it was his personal ride but he was advertising his business as well. Actually there was the Av and a Suburban and both had the logo's on them. They were advertising their business. Neither could park in the Garage below so they were sitting out for all to see.

Now as to leasing vs buying you are right there are some great incentives to buy. However, my wife has the final say as she is the GM employee and I just get to 'use' the av. I'm ok with that as I'm not into modding but maybe a little. Either way I just want the Av but it's a tough decision in a time when we are talking about going to war. Gas prices could zoom way up and some people resent a guzzler. The av would be a dual-purpose vehicle for us. Replacing the Chevy Blazer we now lease.

Thanks for asking... ;)

That is one nice looking AV. I really like the brush guard and rear light guards. Anyone know more about these? They aren't from GMC, I don't think. I like that it covers the lamps.