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What Is GM Buy Power?



GM is offering $2000 back for the AV and can I combine it with the $2002 cash back? :D and additional $1000 on the GM card?

Allows you to search dealer inventory, request price quotes, etc.

In the end, you still work with the dealer to establish final price, and you do get to apply any incentives and GM card earnings to the purchase

Found my perfect Av this way - started with the closest dealerships and worked out until I found it. In December, I got 0% financing, an additional $500 dealer incentive, and was able to apply about $3500 in GM card earnings to the purchase. Unfortunately this part of the deal has dropped as you say to $1000
I used GMBUYPOWER to search for my Av back in October. I couldn't find what I was looking for though. I then found out that there must be a participation factor with the dealers though. Some dealers that I knew had certain trucks in stock did not show up. One dealer told me " our dealership doesn't participate in that." Found it kind of strange.
Interesting . . . I was guessing that GMBuyPower was coordinated by the General - not the individual dealers. Why wouldn't a dealer participate?

When I found my Av on GMBuyPower and called the dealer, the salesman had a hard time finding it. It was not yet in their sales floor records - it was too new - still in transit - not yet on the dealers lot. We bought it sight unseen, and drove it home within 2 hours after it came off of the transporter.