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What Is That Annoying Squeek Sound?


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Jun 24, 2002
San Diego, CA
I know this has been covered before, however I was unable to find the thread. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the annoying squeeking sound that seems to come from under the vehicle while underway. Also, have you had this problem resolved and how? Thanks for your help.
Yes - and I noticed you own a Z-71 like I do so that means you have the Bilstein shocks. Several of us now have experienced what your describing :8: and the problem has consistently been a bad front shock. (y)

When I had this issue I had to wait over a week for the part, which makes me think that Bilstein delivered some bad parts to the General and it's being handled through the dealers. There is no TSB for this.

I'm going to guess your hearing a squeaking noise when your under way - that increases slightly in intensity on rough pavement, but is always there unless your on brand new like glass concrete/asphalt. Also I'm going to guess the noise is at it's worst around 25 to 35 MPH. It probably sounds more like a worn bushing and the diagnosis of a bad shock doesn't seem right by the nature of the noise. Otherwise everything handles find.

A smaller number of who have had the mystery front squeak only needed to have grease applied to the suspension. Bottom line, it's time to call the dealer and make sure the tech working on it isn't deaf! :2:

Thanks for your feedback. So your diagnosis is correct of the nature and scope of what is causing the noises. If you can make some time and find me the details on the part that was replaced, that would be a great help. Perhaps I can go into the dealer - (appt is set for Thursday) and tell him to check this part, hence saving myself some grief, time, frustration, cussing, agitiation, etc.... The service guys just do not seem to be too bright at the last dealership, so this is a try at a new one.

Also, grease applied to the suspension? Where exactly?

I have a 2500, my squeek is rotational in nature and is more pronounced in the AM. The dealer will look at it next week. Sounds like a dry pully bearing to me, but we'll see what they say.
Hey Lightning,
Mine was noticable on roads with slight deviations in the pavement, from 20mph-65mph. Hard bumps never made a noise. Mine tirned out to be the torsion bars where they pivot up front in the bracket where they are mounted. They cleaned and lubed, all better. No problems with my shocks.
wbull said:
I have a 2500, my squeek is rotational in nature and is more pronounced in the AM. The dealer will look at it next week. Sounds like a dry pully bearing to me, but we'll see what they say.
Also with a 2500 - have them look specifically at the tensioner and/or idler wheels for the serpentine belt. I have had the av in to the dealer twice for this same noise, they replaced the belt both times, noise returns almost immediately. Was talking about this to my neighbor & he said check the tensioner pulley. Bingo!! - a squirt of teflon spray at the back of the tensioner pulley stopped the noise immediately. I'm sure it will come back but I at least can instruct the morons at the dealer as to the correct fix.
This is disappointing as a problem as the general has been using these items for years with little or no problems. My 94 Suburban has 110,000 on it and no noise from the original parts.

My squeek ended up being the actual shock bushings. My dealer (Colonial Chevrolet, Acton, MA) replaced all front shock bushings on my Z71. That was over two months ago and it still is quiet.
I have never heard a squeek in mine before.....

I will listen more closely now
To fix my rotational squeek the dealer replaced the serpentine belt. Seems quiet now. This bothers me because I only have about 5K miles. There was no charge this time, but I can see me in the future getting oil and belt changes at the same time.
We've got a squeak up in the right-front area as well. The diagnosis is that the right-front shock is shot. Now we're just waiting for a new one to arrive. Hope this helps.