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What Is The Cladding Made Of...


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Feb 28, 2002
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:) What type of material is the AV cladding? Is it different than what is used for the Saturns, other than texture? Is it different than what is used on the Caddy EXT?
I remember a link on edmunds to the manufacturer's web site. It was a while ago like last year.

But it is some high density plastic thingy.
It's a TPO plastic. ?Same type of plastic used on the Jeep Liberty fender flares. ?TPO stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer Polyolefin. ?Here's a general site with more info... ?K-Mac

"TPO's are thermoplastic elastomers which have rubber-like properties. ?TPO's have low temperature toughness, chemical resistance, UV resistance, low density, and high tear resistance."

There are about as many different types of TPO plastics as there are Nylon plastics.
I have been in contact with Urethane supply regarding a new coating they have for the AV's cladding.

They are hopefully supposed to be working on a new cladding color. (2003 AV Dark Gray).
XRover, while your talking to them how about a true black - even more "charcoal" than the 2003's for us folks with black AV's ^^
the material it is made from is very repair frinedly. i accidently hit it with one of my car ramps. scratched it a little. i just took my finger nail and scraped the scratched surface smooth. it looked pretty good.
I'm with gandolphxx. If we could either replace all the cladding with black or if there was a way to dye the cladding black I would be happy. I was thinking of painting it black but I like the duribilty of plastic and don't want to have to worry about scratching the paint. I can't imagine the cost of replacing all the cladding would be much more that what people are paying to have it painted.
Well, I asked my buddy, Charleton Heston that question.

He said: "Avalanche cladding... is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!"

Very few folks under 40 will get it,
but it just came to me, and I HAD to post it. ;)

Seven :cool: