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What Kind Of Deal Did You Get On Your '03?



I got my 2003 4x4 loaded with everything except sat. radio and personal security package for:
retail $39426.00
-$4436.00 Rydell Chevrolet discount
-$1000 Factory cash
-$600.00 GM Card Points. Don't forget your points, guys. I put my deposit down on the GM Card when I ordered. Although make sure you time out when you'll actually need your points, they are Buttheads as far as customer service goes. :8:
$33990.00 Total :B: +tax & lic
There may be an additional $500.00 Dealer cash back, they're checking into.

Let me know what you guys think of this deal. I'm looking at about 4.9% financing. Any suggestions for better financing places, let me know.
Paying $500 over invoice, minus incentives.

I see you took the $1,000 cash rebate, plus you are getting 4.9 per cent which is excellent. Where are you getting the 4.9 per cent, GM or elsewhere?

Got my invoice a few days ago. My AV is somewhere between Mexico and Seattle :p....They said it was going to arrive oin the 22nd with a pick up on the 23rd. I'm paying $100 over invoice (which was $37,412.19). I'm going to take the $1000 rebate and go for a lengthy lease. The 0.0% finnacing sounded great but it is only for 36 mo. With that my payment would be $1,111 a month. So I'm going to stretch it out and am looking at about $480 a month.
CQ, that invoice price sounds a bit high. Have you checked invoice prices on any of the auto sales websites?
I was at 800 back of invoice on my 02. ?I just asked and they gave it to me. ?I would ask for the invoice or 100 over because they are making 1600 with hold back plus the 500 over invoice, 2100 total front end. ?Over all not a bad deal but they have room to go down. ?4.9 if that is with GM then take it. ?You can't really get that anywhere else. ?Maybe you could haggle the interest rate a little. ?They will move it to make the deal if they have any room.

Just a thought.
Yea I did. And it sounds about $700 higher than I thought. I will get a fax of the invoice. Maybe the advertising fee?
CQB4Me said:
Yea I did. And it sounds about $700 higher than I thought. I will get a fax of the invoice. Maybe the advertising fee?
The advertising fee seems hard to pin down. When I was shopping for my Av every dealer (in the same region) claimed a wildly different charge for it.
4 Wheeled Lizard I think you got a pretty good deal. That's close to GM Supplier discount.
I paid about 300 over invoice for a loaded 03. This was 300 over the dealers invoice which is higher than the KBB invoice. This is mainly due to the so called "advertising cost" which are fixed into the dealers invoice and in my case very difficult to eliminate.