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What Kind/type Of Washing Mitts ?



Anyone out there recommend a safe washing mitt that will not scratch my delicate AV ?? I just don't want to use the same one I've been using for the past 4 years.
Get a genuine Sheepskin washmit. They're recommended for all cars because they pick up the dirt into the fibers and don't let it scratch the paint. Some places sell them but are a little expensive, so last week I just bought one at Wal*Mart for a little over $4.50. It was a smart thing to do, as we have an Onyx Black Av. notorious for swirls & scratches.
Or as an alternative there are also hog hair mitts that are supposed to be pretty good also...maybe worth checking out...
Many detailers will only use 100% cotton wash mitts(chenille style).
Avoid the acrylic lambswool imitation version-they scratch.

Use a 2 bucket(soap/rinse) wash system and wash top to bottom.I have an acrylic mitt I use ONLY on cladding and wheels.

Another good alternative is to make your own mitts out of 100% cotton towels.My wife sewed up several from one towel.The more you change mitts,water,towels,etc,during a wash,the better.
I found a neat item that really speeds up the washing process. Target sells a chenille pad that goes onto a telescoping handle. The pad mount swivels and the telescoping works by a twist of the handle. I can wash the back window with this while standing on the ground. Stand on the door sills or side steps to reach the roof -- no more getting the ladder out to wash the truck!

naylor99 said:
Stand on the door sills or side steps to reach the roof -- no more getting the ladder out to wash the truck!
I just drag the wash bucket and hose into the bed with me, then climb up on the roof to wash it. I'm up to 220lbs. these days and the roof didn't buckle or anything. Once the roof was washed, I hopped down into the bed again and rinsed with the hose.
2 I prefer to use:

100% cotton Chenil wash mitt. White in color. Make sure it is 100% cotton with a cotton label.

Microfiber wash mitt. White in color. I prefer this one as it cleans better and is softer.

Guys, I heard alot about the wash mit, but the real problem is drying it. I have a black AV and generated a few scratches by drying it using a 100% cotton towel. I would like to found something that I can dry (absorb the water) the vehicle and very easy to the paint. (especially black paint). I learned in the pass that if you have a bug or major spot of some kind, DO NOT SCRUB IT, this will scratch the paint immediately.
I have been a big believer in the products put out by Griots Garage. They have all sorts of care products including cotton towels, sheep skin wash mitts and boars bristle brushes. I prefer the boars bristle brush. It absolutely will not hold any dirt or grime if it is used as directed. I then use their microfiber drying towel, the best thing I have ever used for drying! The stuff they have is not exactly cheap, but is of good quality and they stand by all of their products. Their website is [www.griotsgarage.com].
For drying:

Take your nozzle off and let the water run onto the paint and kinda pool together then move hose away. The water will sheet off pretty good.

Then bust out a leaf blower and blow dry your truck!

Griots stuff is good but over priced and most prodcuts can be found from other suppliers.
I use the California Water Blade its a soft silicon squeegee sold at auto parts K-Mart, Costco. I use is to due most of the water drying then use a 100% cotton towel to finish dry then a detail spray if necessary. The Water Blade is awesome on the hood and large areas, it leaves no scratches and drys the area right now no streaks or anything. I have a black Av and was pretty skeptical about it scratching until I tried it.
The blade will not scratch but any dirt still on the paint will so be carfeful and make sure she is clean
Yeah! I learned the hard way. I dried it after a light rain, the truck was just "dusty" but still not a good idea. I only use it after washing now.
My father in-law turned me onto the Swobbit. It's great for the boat and just as great for cars.
It makes the process easy, fast, and saves the back.


It's the soft wool looking bonnet that attaches to the telescoping pole.

I use the blade as well. Sam's Club has the cheapest price.

They have washmitts too.

The father in-law is a dealer for them, I could try to arrange a group buy but with shipping you'd probably be better off to buy it locally.

I use the California water blade, and couldn't imagine trying to dry something the size of the AV without one.