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What MAXIM Mag Had To Say Bout The Avy!



"Rolling Thunder"

"You are what you drive. And since we're tired of being an '87 El Camino, we decided it was high time for some new life-defining wheels. We hit the car shows, plied auto-industry insiders with cheap booze, and consulted our local grease monkeys in a search for the best of the best. What did we find? Advanced aerodynamics, brushed-aluminum, 500-horsepower engines, night vision, 195 mph top speeds and that's just for starters. Here are the 18 hot-off-the-line cars that got our motors running. Care for a test drive?"

Avalanche was one of the 18, here is what they had to say:

Spec check: 5.3 liter, 285 HP V-8
"We say: Well, the mystique of climbing Mt. Everest is finally over with this Chevy you can now drive to the 29,000-foot peak. (Or so we're told) Make no mistake: the 18.5-foot Avalanche is the baddest SUV on the planet. Stow the rear window and fold down the back seats and you've got a full-size pickup truck; its eight-foot, one-inch cargo bed can haul over half a ton of materials, or about 12 Sherpas. Standard-equipment trailer hitch and 8,000-pound towing capacity will appeal to those at lower altitudes. Plastic panels and composite body armor guard against close encounters of any kind, but can't make a dent in this monster's 5,500-pound curb weight. And by the way, it doesn't like mother jokes."

Extra credit: Avalanche's four-speed automatic transmission features a special tow/haul mode, which causes upshifts to occur at higher rpms. Press a button at the tip of the shift lever and the monster Chevy can haul more cargo, more trailer, and more ass off the line. Gitty up!
Typical owners: Guys who wear plaid shirts, professional arm-wrestlers, Bigfoot.

-Maxim Magazine



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Well, I guess with a size 19 sneaker, maybe that Bigfoot thing was directed at me?? ;D
Not exactly what GM marketing had in mind. But what the hell. If it works dont brake it.
Well I don't have a size 19 shoe like coach - I don't have plaid and I don't arm wrestle

Dang I am lost now ;D

Thanks for sharing #1AVY