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What paint to use on runningboards which doesn't wear off?


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Jan 30, 2010
Somewhere in the next months (when the winter is over), I'm taking my '02 to the paintshop for repainting all the cladding. It lasted for 10 years I think now but it is showing some spidercracks and paintchips by uncarefull people in parkingspots.

My runningboards aren't painted and look a bit grey/ugly compared to the rest of the truck. Because I want to stick to the black-theme, I want to paint the runningboards as well. But what can I use? The running boards are used every day due to the lift and my small wife and kid  >:D

Does anyone have suggestions?

I had a set of tube style running boards on a Suburban years ago that I had a shop spray on Line-X bedliner on them. They lasted for many years with no wear or rust. You may want to try that for yours. You could even have your lower cladding sprayed so it matches.
I agree - have them sprayed with bedliner material. Just make sure it's one that is UV inhibited so that it doesn't fade. Rhino Liner fades unless you have their UV-resistant topcoat added.
Powder coat u cant put a shine on spay liner over time it will fade even with the uv topcoat. And its hard to clean once u spay it on its on for ever and the nozzel always gets clogged and hard to apply evenly I dont get ppl that spray there expensive truck with that crap its a eye soar.
my buddy bought a can of bed-liner material and did it himself.  It's holding up very well
The Line-X bedliner spray I was talking about is applied at a shop not home. It is spayed on while hot. The finish didn't fade or wear off after 9 years of stepping on it and pivoting to get in or out, there were no plastic step pads, people were stepping on the Line-X. It doesn't come in a shiny finish but it provided traction for a step.It wasn't hard to clean either, just hose off or maybe use a soft bristle brush.