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What should I be looking for on the odometer??


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Jun 24, 2006
Maryland/ Germany
I've been browsing Carmax and Autotrader as well as other sources looking for an Avalanche. 

I'm looking for an '03 - '05 with Z71.  What should be my benchmark for amount of miles?? I know the rule of thumb of 12k/year.  I'm just wondering how much of a 'risk' I'm taking if I find something with higher miles? 

There's no patent answer.  One with 10K on the clock could be in far worse condition than one with 100K on the clock, if the 100K was well-maintained and driven gently on highways vs. being ignored and hammered in town or on a dragstrip for 10K miles :)
We have many members that have bought a AVY with more than a 100,000 and love them most times the price was right. AV are trucks they are built to drive lots of miles.
I would get a carfax report and I think you can still  get a warranty check on this site.

Good Luck
Hope you get one soon

Carfax may be the best reference but some things are a bit exaggerated. Like "Frame Damage" if the truck was lifted and noted as such somewhere.

I'm around 50K with a 50 month old truck.
Depends on age.. but I would be leary of any used one... as low mileage may mean they got rid of it due to problems....

high mileage may mean they got rid of it before it had problems...

you will never know