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What Sticker To?put On Those Sail Windows?


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Jan 23, 2002
Forked River, New Jersey
>:DI installed my sail panel windows this morning. ?I was thinking of placing a sticker on it. ?I already have the mountain logo on my c-pillar. ?Maybe the club decal??? ?Any suggestions.
I don't have the sail windows, but I always thought that they simply screamed out for the club decals.

-- SS
I think you shouldn't put stickers on. Don't really have a reason why. But if you do, then go with the club decal.
Chief ordered his sail panel windows yesterday! ;D ;D

My wife was like - why would you do that. :rolleyes:

Because it looks cool! :2:

I'm thinking club decals on mine...
Installed mine this weekend and no stickers will be going on. Looks too clean to put a sticker on....
I got the sail windows from got_change, and the club decal is just a little too big.