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What Would Be The Ultimate Maint. For Yrs. Of Life


SM 2003
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Feb 19, 2003

Just wondering what some of you would consider the best"above and beyond" all around maintenance procedures?
There is an excellent maintenance schedule in your owners manual papers - there are several things you should do to optimize your vehicles health (so to speak) Adhere to a schedule for your LOF (Lube, oil and filter), rotate the tires every other oil change, keep your fuel filter changed every 20-25,000 miles or sooner if you here your fuel pump singing to ya! Service your Transmission every 30,000 (personal opinion on this) Regular service of cooling system, differential fluids, brake fluids and power steering fluids as per maintenance schedule in your vehicle papers. You should also address any Service Engine Soon light or any other light as soon as possible as well as seek inspection of any unusual noise or feeling your vehicle exibits.
A lot of this is my opinion as an A.S.E. Master certified Tech. but it is also what I do myself as well as advise my customers and friends. ? ;) :) :D ;D
Long live our AV's!!!1 ?:D
Don't drink, don't smoke, eat healthy and get lots of exercise. ;D :rolleyes:
txyank1 said:
Don't drink, don't smoke, eat healthy and get lots of exercise. ;D :rolleyes:

Im in trouble >:D
txyank1 said:
Don't drink, don't smoke, eat healthy and get lots of exercise. ;D :rolleyes:

I don't know about yours,but mine drinks way to much gas.It has not started to smoke yet,but it is still new. As far as eating, it drinks to much to eat. It does get plenty of exercise though. I drive it as much as possible. ?:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Thanks TexAVfan, Its sounds like I am on the right track.
I have a counter-opinion...

The more ofter you take your truck in for [likely unnecessary] maintenance, the more chance you have of some unskilled "mechanic" messing something up that wasn't broken.

Have your AV serviced by someone you trust at intervals the owner's manual recommends.

I second that.  A trust worthy mechanic is priceless.  I've had numerous parts replced by so called mechanics that don't result in a fix.  Then you're stuck with those new parts as well as the ones that may actually fix the problem.
Remove the battery, Wrap the Av in a nitrogen-filled air-tight bag,.....