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What's In YOUR Av?


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Jan 28, 2002
Larkspur, CO
To copy a catch phrase from Capital One... what's in your Av? Aside from the top box storage compartments, anyone besides me typically store stuff in the bed as well? Storing my riding gear/equipment in the back of my Av forces me to clean and maintain it after every ride. A second benefit is the fact I can ride at a moment's notice should a situation arrive. ;D

Here, you can see a folding ramp, 68" umbrella (won it... don't ask), gear bag (my gear and son's gear), "metric" tool box, tool "bag" (bike specific tools), tie down straps (hidden) and bed panel storage bag. The only things missing are the collapsible lounge chairs and bed cover panels. First-aid kit and recovery tools are stowed in the right side box. The left side box is reserved for adult beverage coolage.


Rear window stickers look OK? I just put 'em on tonight.
Left side storage for frosty adult libations here too. Wait till everyone sees my 4th of July photos. My Av turns into a giant bar complete with 5HP gas powered blender and all. >:D
:-[Computer/printer/digitalcamera/Hard hat/steel toe boots/Geiger counter/First Aid and emergency kit/Life jacket/Kids baseball bags.
Leaves the front nice and roomy
Remember it is not hunting season yet >:D
Lately it's been the cute little gal next door that I take to work a couple of times a week ;)
Wow what luck you should ask! Today I had the oppertunety(sp) to almost cause an accident, if you work for all-state please stop reading now. Any hoo faild to yeald to a new Dodge quad cab. Thank Chevy for good breaks. I'm usually on the recieving end of this, not today.
Of 5 tool boxes, the one with the broken latch was the only one to sacrafice it's self. Imagin if you will aprox 2000 little bits, nails, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, knife blades, exc, splashing against the mid-gate. Next time you open the gate, look down at that comb looking thing at the base. now picture all that crap in them 30-40 slots

Thank you for your time.......
Steelheadchaser said:
Lately it's been the cute little gal next door that I take to work a couple of times a week ;)


We are a visual bunch. We need a picture >:D
What does she do when you take her to work, just stand there and watch you?
Is there someone else taking her to work the days you don't?

Lately my dog has been the main cargo in the bed. He hates riding inside but seems to love riding in the bed.

Usually the dog and I also have a 200 piece toolbox from sears in there.
Not too much stuff resides permanently in the bed - just the rear seat protector. Little stuff - bungie cords, tie down straps in the side boxes. With the remodeling Home Depot runs that we've been doing lately, storing stuff in the bed would mean unloading it too often.
Up front, Computer and and GPS system, tool boxes have umbrella, folding chairs, first aid kit, small tool box, tie down straps, draw bars, etc. Try to keep the bed clean for runs to Home Depot, unless it's kid's hockey night, then the bed is full of (very smelly) hockey equipment.
These days its mostly baseball equipment and a couple of rug rats in the cab heading back to the field. In September it will be soccer equipment. The locking ability of the tail gate allows me to store the equipment without having to use up space in my garage.
I keep the bed cleaned out for the most part. Right now I have the hardtop bag hanging in it. Other than that its empty.
goo929 said:

We are a visual bunch. ?We need a picture ?>:D
Goo, we think alike!I was actually thinking of that last night when I made the post. I'll work on it!
NO Thumper you are not the only golfer here.

But my wife drives the AV during the week so I keep the clubs in the garage until needed.

Alaska_AV said:
Is there someone else taking her to work the days you don't?

No, she just takes the bus. The Av is much favored over public transportation during the morning commute.
Alaska - AV, you look like the perfect candidate for a bedslide... Ask SteveTimm about his!!
Mine is still full of concerte dust from the couple bags that leaked some QuikCrete and pieces of landscaping brick that rubs off the face of the bricks. I have removed the bed liner twice and rinsed the entire area thoroughly (which is how I know my midgate isn't leaking anymore). Yet, I keep seeing grey dust and tan rock chips all over the bed and tailgate!

All I know is I couldn't do all this hauling with my Expedition! Avs rule ;D

snowslide said:
Alaska - AV, you look like the perfect candidate for a bedslide... ?Ask SteveTimm about his!!

Right you are snowslide, I was thinkig the same thing

Also, the beverage holder dimples in the tailgate are not being correctly utilized, as seen by the can to the left of the wheel barrow (<- is that correct ???).
Let's see:

* hard cover storage bag
* collapsible storage bin
* The Club
* utility bag (extra clothes, gadgets, emergency stuff)