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Wheelwell, Wipedown



our wheelwells, need cleaning, like the rest of av

I, found, that the under coating in rear wheel well, was very rough looking, and used a high pressure car wash, to blast out the tarry stuff, in line with the rear fender.

the paint is shiny, and smooth, above, the rear tire in the wheel well, and i wipe down the rest of the.... plastic liner in there with armor all.

I noticed, wiki did too, to keep the inside of the wheel well lookin good.

anybody want a pic, of inside got changes wheel well,

with a shine on??

notice the.... drain tube, from the bed, down thru the wheel well.
we gotta keep it nice in there, just for the av, of it!

and wonder if there was a liner, for, in here., we could think up?

remember the 66 gto, that had full plastic liner, ...could clean, in 5 minutes?
I find that the little lip...at the very top of the wheel well likes to collect a lot of garbage....so I always make sure to run my fingers up in there while spaying her down with the hose....you'll be surprised the amount of gunk that collects... :B:

digital, since you are lifted, you could blast off the undercoating higher up in the well.

the paint is shiny in there, and this closeup shows line i blasted off with pressure washer,

from the side, as you look over the tire its shiny, in line with rear fender cut out.

ps, darn if i didn,t just drive thru a big puddle of tide soap, cause we just washed shop floor.

i think av looks real good when wheel wells are shiny!


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i usually take the foaming brush at the car wash and clean the inside of the wheel wells. after rinsing them out real good i spray one of those shiner/protectants in there. looks real good. :B:
I never thought about that....I would never use those brushes on the cladding or paint....but now that I think about I would have enough clearance to jam it into the wheel well no problem...... :B:

I use Castrol-Super Clean on the wheelwell with a brush and then spray tire shine in it.