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When Will I Tag This AV?


SM 2003
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Sep 1, 2002
Every morning I look out my front window and stare at an AV. ?

Strangely, it's not mine.

When I start the morning routine I look out of the kitchen window and see a black 02. And the worst part is, I haven't tagged it. (technically, he's only 2 houses down)

I live in a strange neighborhood. One with land. I don't have that much, but it's set up where you are several hundred feet away from most people.

Anyway, this AV is a Qtr mile away, and i guess being cold and everything has prevented from tagging it. they leave before I do and I don't really remember to look when i get home.

He even followed me to home depot today. I could see him 1/2 mile behnd me the whole way. Except he parked far from me and i wasn't sure he was going there.

It's getting warmer, I might have to take a walk.

I'll get him...it's only been 4 months.


4/17/03 - after several walks by his house with my minors, I saw the suspect in the garage. I went in and handed over the warrant (flyer). I introduced myself and pointed to my house/AV.

He said - I know you're always cleaning it- inside chuckle. We chatted and he seemed very interested.
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