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Where Do You Park Your AV At Night?


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Mar 15, 2003
Magnolia, Delaware
Mine is in garage - just fits. ?I park a close to wall so wife and kid don't scratch it. ?The Homelink is programmed for door opener and outside lighting.
In the garage. One main reason we bought the AV was that it fit in there and the crew cab Silverado didn't. Little did we know how much fun the Av was going to be! :)
Goes in my driveway because, while it will technically fit in my garage, my wife cannot leave throught door from the house - it leaves about a 2-3 inch gap to squeeze through. She drew the line. But at least I can get it in for the Colorado Hail.




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Mine is under the Carport at home and at work.
I park in the garage although it can be a tight fit. As you can see, I have to be careful getting next to the motorcycle! I also can't go to far forward else the passenger mirror will hit the support column in the center of the garage when you open that door. You do have to get far enough forward so you can open the right rear door (the other support column) and of course be able to open the tail gate with the garage door down. All in all a tight fit.

in the driveway :cry:

Won't fit in the garage. Time for a new house.
kenhall64 said:
Mine truck is in garage - just fits. ?I park a close to wall so wife and kid don't scratch it. ?The Homelink is programmed for door opener and outside lighting.

I'm with you - in the garage as close to the wall as possible to keep the young-uns and their stuff away from her precious clear-coated finish!

Had to rearange the garage. Moved the freezer, workbench got rid of a bunch of junk. Still room for the wifes civic ( except for the mod projects taking up the rest of the place).
I park mine in a condo parking lot and HATE IT!!!!! I'm just waiting for some punk kid to come by and key it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like a 500 pound gorilla, "any where it's wants" ;D

I try to park it out in its natural habitat as often as possible (coastal rain forest)
Mine is not in the garage, too many of my other toy's are in there. At work at the dealership I park back by the paint shop so I can make a quick get-a-way at the end of the day (y)
When it does finally arrive, she will just be in the driveway... but if I can bump the missus from the spot near the front door that would be good. (y)
The Av and the Vette get the garage . . . the old Blazer and the Saturn sit in the driveway.


I also bought a storage shed to put the lawnmower, kids bikes, and other junk that tends to be hazardous to nice vehicles.

I selected garage although my AV dosen't fit in it I do park it next to the garage door. The gargage door is below my bedroom window so I can keep an eye on it.
Always been in the driveway - ugh. Now I don't even have a garage! :6:
driveway - it's like a big pit bull out there guarding the house at night. ;D

we live back in te woods quite a bit, so the only real danger is not from people getting at it with their keys and screwdrivers, but from the elements. I swear, if a tree falls on my baby, I'm gonna buy a chain saw and clear cut the entire *#@#&(@ property...maybe the neighbor's too.
In the driveway next to my wifes Suburban - cause my garage is full of crap! (y) ;) :) :D ;D >:D
Tools and toys and mod stuff. Course I make my kids park in the street with their cars. Once I made my wife park in the street when a AV from Memphis (Edward K) came to stay with me for a couple days (y) ;)
Then there was the time when I had about 3 AVs parked in the yard and several more up and down the street - course that was when there was a Texas jello-shot party! (y) ;) :) :D ;D >:D
Next Month there will be around 20 or so parked around my house for a swim party! Ya'll feel free to come if you want - I will post more info in the South Central area when date is set and info is available.