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Where Is Everyone From?

"... Oh I Wish I Was In Dixie..."

Hey... I am in Dixie! I call Virginia home, y'all!

(Of course I'm in occupied Virginia!)
Red Deer, Alberta......It would be cool if everyone put where they were from at the end of their signature :0: And u thought the Red Turning Maple Leaf was there because I was a tree Hugger
Seattle, Wa.
Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota area. And to second nfhjr, everyone should put their general area in their sig. Then it's easier to find those in your area.

Philly area! ? :eek: ?

I think I need to move to a drier western climate because of these steenkeeng mold allergies. ?I would be split between moving back to Colorado Springs or the Vegas area.
I'm from Joisey, Exit 5, home of the 2002 NBA champion NJ Nets!! They did beat the Lakers, right? I couldn't stay up that late to find out.....