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Where R U Gonna Put Your Club Decal?


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Feb 15, 2002
~ Beaumont, CA. ~
Hey Everyone...
Ok...when you get your CAFCNA Club decal...Where on the truck are you going to put it? :rolleyes:
LOL I need to get it first before I tell you where I am goin gto put it.. I have payed for mine by using PAY PAL. But I have not seen it at this point. But as soon as I get it I will let you al know...

Decals should come from the printer the week of 4/21 - they are coming...
I'm sure that it will go in the rear window....I just don't know where in the window.... :rolleyes:
I was thinking of putting them on the back window and left step of the rear bumper. I might also put one somewhere up front . . . . . which reminds me, I need to get my order in.