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Where's The Best Deal On A New Av?


New Member
Mar 8, 2003
Stanwood, Washington
Has anyone around Everett or north of Everett Washington got a good deal on a new Av? By "good deal" I mean paying the invoice price (not the MSRP) and taking the rebates. We're still not sure to go with a regualr truck or the Av, but if the prices are good it will be easier to decide. Any suggestions?
It's all about the fleet manager. You can get invoice prices at edmonds.com . From there expect to pay about $200 over that, and no haggle just order away...no need to get locked into buying what's on the lot.
Yeah, I have all the prices for all options and I know about the fleet sales, but I'm wondering if anyone got a better price (with the sales being slow in general). I'm talking at or below invoice >:D My buddy at work bought one last year and paid too much in my opinion (near the MSRP price). I never buy anything for more than a $50 or $100 over invoice. ;D ;D