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Jan 17, 2002
Bourbon St. Balcony
Be careful when removing the top turning light housing....the little clip that holds it in is fragile and well I broke it off and the epoxy did not last long so I had to buy a new one.....Just a little warning from your uncle YGMN
Busted mine the second day of ownership. It is a stupid design. I have had my lights off many many times and I still have to wear diapers when I pull those off..
??? Forward or Aft ???

If you break anything, JB Weld will fix it. See thread, "Bumper Cover Fit and Finish."
The top light in the front grill that houses the turn lamp and someother bulb.....The one on top when you open the hood that covers the headlight assembly....HTH
I think the design is ok but I was too harsh when removing and next time will be more careful....I should not have used a huge screwdriver but a nice small one and took my time.....Patience next time.
Screwdriver, why did you use a screwdriver? ;)
I just pushed the tab in with my fingers to release it.
Now you see why I broke it ?....Fat fingers too never help.