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Whining Problem When Letting Off Accelerator.



Yes its the official first problem I am having and it may not even be a issue. However I dont like hearing it.

03-Z66 and when driving at speeds greater that 55 and I let off the accelerator a whining noise starts at about 50mph and quits around 42. It may be the tread on the tires but its annoying as hell. Sound like its coming from the left front but thats really hard to tell.

Anyone else hearing this on their AV? I can even hear it with the radio on.

I hear a slight sound when letting off the accelerator, but it's usually at low speeds. ?Sounds like it's coming from the engine area. ?It's a cross between a whining and a hissing noise. ?It's really noticeable when going slow and when it's quiet in the Av.
Might be driveline howl under de-celeration... When everything is under full backlash? It happens at different speeds because of the harmonics of the sound... Usually this backlash whine comes from the gearsets...

I have no idea without driving it... Just throwing it out there...

My '02 Z-71 has no decelation whine... Except when I get off the gas at 5,500 rpm... Then the Flowmaster kinda whines... >:D

11H, is correct as usual. i noticed this same noise as well. i narrowed it down to the rear-end. took the AV in to the dealer. they said it was a normal sound. other AV's do it. not real sure if that makes it normal. i feel better about it though now that i have it documented. ;D
I hear the same whine, at the same MPH. It's got me a little worried, as my father-in-law's 2500HD was in the dealer's shop for almost 3 weeks while they waited for replacement parts for the rear end. Everything was shot, on a truck with around 10-12k miles on it.


ApolloZ66-2, this is tough to troubleshoot without hearing the issue in person. Do you think the whine really gets louder, or does it get easier to hear when the Av slows down because the road noise is less?

If the whine is intermittent, you can verify its not the accessory components by varying their loads, making sure they are operating to their maximum capacity. An overcharged air conditioning (A/C) system, a power steering system restriction or the incorrect fluid, or a failing generator could be the cause.

Then again, internal transfer case components, the torque converter or any number of other parts could be the cause. :6:

If you take it in to get checked out, please let us know the outcome! :)
I have a similar whine in my rear of my 02 NorthFace 4x4 av. It sounds like i am sitting in some old NY cab and when he lets off the gas, you here this awfull whining.

Dealer told me it was normal. Seems like all of my AV problems are normal. The only true fix to noises, buy a big stereo system so you can't hear them!!! See me website below for my "fix" to whining.