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Who And When - Member 1500


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Jan 24, 2002
Houston, TX
Seems like just yesterday the site was crashing and burning while we all waited for #1000 - and had a tie, they are both enjoying their rewards - now when do we hit #1500 and who will the lucky soul be? ;D
Pretty amazing if you ask me. ?On June 11th we hit number 1,000. ?It's June 27th and we've hit 1,250. ?We started the month at 865 and lost 28 members in two crashes. ?We should add 458 new members this month total. ?That means if the rate keeps up - four months, 27 days to get to 1,000 - and roughly two-months to get to 2,000.

So I predict we'll hit 1,500 in about two weeks - and we'll hit number 2,000 around August 10th...
Gand & Chief

Maybe we should have a pool for the date when we will hit 2000.

Something like a tent for the winner and the rest for the club... just my .02 1/2 cents :)
;) Keep it up y'all! :D

Eventually "Chief" is TRULY and HONESTLY gonna be sorry he got into this...

Unless, OF COURSE, we buy the beer! :love:
If you want beer on the Chief you need to attend Wild West 2002 - they're will be beer flowing Friday night at Crater Lake National Park!

Come on guys - REGISTER FOR WILD WEST 2002!