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Who in MN has SLP's?


SM 2017
Full Member
Aug 11, 2012
I'll have the rest of the stuff I need to install my SLP's next week sometime.  However I won't be able to tackle it until the weekend after.  I was wondering who in MN has done this?  I'm going to install my LOF as well.  I figure I can tie the SLP's and LOF in together.  Then I might finally install my Saddlebag LED's as well.  I am more confident about doing all this myself, but thought if anyone has done this before has some free time and a dryneck perhaps we can strike up some kind of deal.  I'm more mobile than I've been the past 2 years (I broke my back/crushed my L3 vertebrae), but it always helps to have an extra hand.  :cheers: