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Why No Diesel?!?



The need/desire for a truck has been affirmed this last winter with my purchase of a cheap winter beater (S-10) which has seen a lot of use. ? ? As a current owner of an LS1 powered vehicle, and a former LT1 owner, I wonder why GM does not have a diesel powered Avalanche.

If that were the case, I would *consider* trading in my Firehawk for it as I could add "fuel savings" to the list of benefits.

The Duramax diesel has gotten excellent reviews and would seem to be a perfect fit. ?Has anyone heard of any rumours? ?I'd rather have a 2500 Avalanche than a 2500 crew-cab.

$5,000+ for the Duramax engine and $2,000+ for the Allison transmission. You'd have to drive well over 100,000 miles to be able to get a return on your investment. Besides I'm sure Chevy doesn't want to see $50,000 stickers on Avalanches.
The reason there are no diesel AV's has to do with the fact that the Duramax requires the Allison transmission. In the heavy truck series the body is raised two additional inches to accomadate the bigger transmission. GM does not want to raise the current platform (2500 suburban and 2500 Av). Although the heavy truck series use the Allison behind the 8.1L, the 2500 Av doesn't.

Personnally, I would like to see it. I think GM could sell them. I don't think the extra height would be a problem, heck most of us bought it to be a truck anyway.... :B:
I dont think the benefits of a diesel would make sense to Mr Lutz in GM kingdom I t would be kinda cool though
Interesting. Does this mean that GM has only one diesel engine they could put in a truck? At 1MPG for the 8.1L, that sounds too good to be true.

Though I am not looking for a fuel sipping vehicle, it sounds like the 8.1L would be much worse that my current 5.7L, though it is a 6 speed.

And though GM Canada hasn't released the new prices, a nicely equipped 2500 Avalanche seems to list at over C$50,000.

Does anyone know what kinds of markups these things have? I know that f-bodys had approximately 10% percent play in the prices. For example, a $20,000 Camaro
  • could be had for $18,000 and that was considered a good deal. I recall reading somewhere that trucks are marked up much more.
I don't know what the mark up is but my Av's sticker price was $54 000.00 CAN, I paid just over $48 000.00 CAN after alot of haggling. I have bought 7 trucks of the dealership so I think they value my buisness. They certainly have room to move and I bet you could get a pretty sweet deal on a 2002 right now.

I don't know about that 100 000 mile thing to pay for a diesel. I'm pretty sure it would be quite a bit less than that if you are driving the 8.1. I think I'd pay the extra money for the diesel.
So, Jake8.1 - do you regret getting the 8.1L? Is it a pig? My only experience with large displacement motors is with build motors (bored/stroked) - I have no idea how a stock 8.1L would behave.

[Gas prices aren't all that up here in the Great White North.].

I'm getting a quote from my insurance broker - should be interested to see if it's more or less than my Firewawk.
I dont know why the Av does not get the diesel . I remember reading in MOTOR TREND or TRUCK TREND about the new 6.6 Diesel, it said they were designing a slightly detuned version of the duramax for the Suburban. It wouldnt need the allison tranny,I dont know if this engine ever appeared. I will have to check the Sub website. Does anybody ever remember reading about a detuned Duramax?
Do the math, the deisel is not worth it. If you get 12 mpg with the 8.1 and 17 mpg in the diesel, it would take you 190,000 miles to break even. :6: That assumes that gas is $1.50/gal.
That is not to mention the convenience of gas availability and the stench of the noisy diesel. :9:
gstreak said:
That is not to mention the convenience of gas availability and the stench of the noisy diesel. :9:
I think you should go drive the DuraMax diesel! It can hardly be described as noisy. It doesn't even stink as much as a typical diesel. I don't know how they did it but it is very impressive. Power is comparable to the 8.1L and fuel mileage is more along the lines of 20mpg from what the people that own them tell me. I test drove them quite a bit when I was still considering a pick up.
My boss has the Silverado 2500HD with DuraMax / Allison. . . . REAL NICE TRUCK . . . . excellent performance, and no problems to date.

I'd have considered it had it been available. The bottom line is that the Allison won't fit in the Sub/Av. And I guess the market that those are aimed at aren't the same as the Silverado. I'd like the 6-speed - behind any engine on the Av . . . but alas a manual in an Av is not likely to be seen either . . .
That assumes that gas is $1.50/gal.
That is not to mention the convenience of gas availability and the stench of the noisy diesel

Is diesel the same price as gas in the US?

I agree with Steelheadchaser - the new Duramax is very quiet in comparison to any other diesel (VW's 1.9 TDI included).

Diesel engines are torquey. I like torque. :)

I would have also considered an AV with the Duramax - but if it won't fit on the frame GM reuses for the AV, then we are not going to see it for a long time if ever.

I don't think many famlies will want the extra cost of a Durmax in their extended mini vans. :) Oh crap, by my last comment my AV is part of the extended mini van family :)

Just kidding guys - don't flame too hard >:D
I was under the impression that Euro diesels were a lot more efficient than those imported into the US. Besides it would make for one heck of a great sounding truck as it idled or revved as the light turned green.
I know what you mean about fuel mileage. I can't seem to crack 15 mpg no matter what. My buddy has a 2001 GMC Sierra 4x4 ext. cab with the 5.3 and has gotten as high as 19 mpg!.

Concerning the diesel it is my undersatnading that in the next year or two a V-6 "Baby Duramax" will be offered in the fullsize GM pickups and SUV's. I would think the AV would be included. GM has to do this since Ford will be installing a V-6 "Baby Power-Stroke" in the 200f4 (05)? Full size F-150 pickups and SUV's.

I would hope fuel mileage would be around 25-30 mpg. Maybe we will see a 5 or 6 speed stick in the AV at this time.