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Wind Turbulence



:7: Has any one experienced the wind turbulence created by installing the Chevrolet Avalanche polycarb. bug shield on the front of the hood? The driver's mirror vibrates at all speeds and I hear the wind rush by the driver's window. Local dealer replaced the mirror, but it still vibrates. The dealer service department removed the bug screen (scratching the hood) and said the mirror was fine w/o the bug screen. I like the looks of the screen, but hate the vibration....any ideas??
Do a search! There is an easy fix for this using foam tape. I will try to find a link for you, if someone doesn't beat me to it!
I have the Lund bug screen and I have done the tape fix to keep the window trim from flapping. However I do get vibration in the driver's side mirror at speeds in excess of 70mph.

Not much you can do about it. The screen changes the characteristics of the air flow over and around the hood/cockpit. Personally I keep mine on because I have noticed a severe decrease in the amount of bug juice on my window and have personally watched a rock get kicked up and bounce off the deflector and over the cockpit. Worth the little annoying vibration right there.

P.S. Pretty funny because I ducked when I saw the rock coming. :)

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Ahhhh Guys he is talking about the side mirrors shaking not the windshield molding flapping noise....

I do not know of a fix....Heck I do not even notice it on mine......Guess I need glasses any ways... >:D
I bought the protection package that came with the deflector, window visors and mud flaps from the dealer. No problems with vibration. I do get a noise that sounds like radio static but it isn't the radio.
I have the WeatherTech shield and WindowFlectors...no rumble, no moving mirrors, no flapping noise...some wind noise but then we do drive a brick! (at least that's what the wind...Mariah!...calls it) ;D :B:
I also get noise that sounds like radio static above about 70 mph, even with the radio off. :mad: I'm thinking maybe the windshield is loose? Anyone else have this noise??
I'm going to do the tape thing on the windshield trim. I'll let you know if it goes away. I would try to make the dealer do it, but I don't trust them around my paint!