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Wind With Midgate Down


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Jul 1, 2003
aliso viejo, ca
hi guys, i'm planning on buying 1 soon but wanted to know how much wind comes through the rear w/ the midgate down?

I read that the sails are supposed to eliminate it all but I'd like your opinions.

I used to own a convertible so I know how bad wind buffeting can get.


Welcome to the Club----IMO if you only have the Mid gate down along with the sun/moon roof ( if applies ) there is low wind .
Are we talking about:

?rear window out and midgate up ?~ or ~
?rear window out, midgate down and panels off?

I noticed that there is some wind that comes in with the window out and midgate up. ?With the side windows up there is very little wind coming in from the back.

Side windows down. Rear window out. Midgate down. Panels off (tailgate down for better gas mileage) suprizingly there isn't a lot of wind that comes in. ?It does move around though. ?This is a very fun way to drive around though. ?

Yeah.... got a great idea. Take a test drive and put it through the paces:
  • windows up, rear window in, panels on and midgate up
  • windows up, rear window out, panels on and midgate up
  • windows down, rear window out, panels on and midgate up
  • windows down, rear window out, panels off and midgate down
  • windows up, rear window out, panels off and midgate down
Less bothersome than a convertable car for SURE......

Way less wind noise.......
Yakmar said:
Yah and it is KEWL to drive in the summer with tailgate OFF, midgate DOWN, Window out, and only the two seats in front, blasting out NASTY music.... not that I would do this?? ?:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yup this is exaclty what we did, even the part about takin off tailgate. Its coool ;)
Go ahead buy one ;D
There's almost no wind buffetting at all, especially compared to a convertible. The sail panels do a pretty good job of directing the wind out away from the rear window, but even if you do get a little coming into the cab, all you have to do is crack one of the side windows (front or back doesn't matter) or sunroof if you have it and that will fix it. The wind then enters the cab through the side and exits the back window.

It is kewl to ride with the back opened up, I'm thinking of getting the bed extender rather than deal with taking the tailgate off.
Mellow Yellow said:
I'm thinking of getting the bed extender rather than deal with taking the tailgate off.
It's really not a big deal to take off the tailgate -- no tools. Just open it up, unclip the two support cables, and while holding the tailgate at about 45 degrees, just lift it off the hinges. It's easy to take off with one person, but to put it back it helps to have a second set of hands to help line it up on the hinges.

The only issue is where to put the tailgate when it's not on the truck, and make sure you don't scratch it when you set it down.

-- SS
All 4 windows down, rear window out, sunroof open, midgate down, covers off, and tailgate open appear to be good for at least 0.3 MPG or more gas milage increase. I will fill up tonight after almost a tank full this way and will update this post with better numbers. The trip computer is indicating probably 0.4 to 0.6 increase, but I trust the pump numbers better.
thanks guys for the responses. I wanted to hear from real people vs. marketing ads. This sounds like the vehicle for me. open air, roomy, able to carry people and/or stuff. Too bad 4 wheel steering isn't available that would be great.
I have even had everything removed (window, midgate, covers) in the wintertime, didn't need to crank up the heater any more than normal.
There is VERY little wind inside, unless you also have all 4 windows down.
But no more than in any other vahicle.

We're right there with ya rcantu, there's a couple things I think a lot of people would like to see but seems GM just doesn't think they can market. 4-Wheel Steering, and 6.0L engine being two of the biggest ones. Either way, you'll still love the truck. Welcome aboard!
Really does not need 4 wheel steering as it turns on a dime a lot better then some rental cars I have driven......

Take it for the 24hr test drive and drink a bunch of COFFEE and take no doze and put some miles on the puppy and then tell us what ya thinkkkkkkk ;D
ygmn said:
Really does not need 4 wheel steering as it turns on a dime a lot better then some rental cars I have driven......
I agree personally, but seems a lot of people mention it. I actually just saw a brochure for the Chevrolet Kodiak (C4500/5500/6500/7500/8500) recently that also touted short turning radius which was accomplished by allowing the front wheels to cut something like 54 degrees instead of turning the back wheels. That's nice for parking lot and trailering duty, but the rear wheels turning with you at highway speeds is a nice perk too.
My midgate is down 99.9 % of the time.

Still the quietest truck on the road.


Traveled 200 miles yesterday stacked and strapped.


Didn't notice any difference in noise at all.
I did quite a lot of driving (in town) over the weekend with the midgate down. 1/2 with tailgate up and half with it down (hauling lumber) and did notice a fair amount of road noise, even with tailgate closed. Not obtrusive, but noticeable. You keep thinking you have a window not shut tight. :rolleyes: