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Window Streaking


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Mar 3, 2002
Central Texas
I can clean and shine the heck out of the paint and cladding but just can't seem to get the windows spotless. Tried Eagle 20/20, Windex and a couple of other cleaners, used towels, used newspaper but nothing seems to works really well.

Anyone have a good remedy????
several ways.... >:D

Eagle one 20/20 is good....

Some tricks that work for me....

wipe inside of window in different direction than outside so you can tell where streaks are....

Spray window well...let stuff sit a bit

I wipe with a MF and scrub real good.....then before it dries..

I buff it with a cotton surgical towel...they have very little lint and also help to remove streaks....If you see a streak....blow your hot breath on it so it fogs up and then buff some more.....also more frequent window cleaning helps prevent streaks on the inside....since your truck is always emitting vinyl gasses that cloud the windows...the longer you wait the harder to fully clean with one spray and wipe session...

Remember when smooshing the glass cleaner around do not let it dry......before buffing dry with separate towel.....

On the inside, I just use plain old water. ANything else leave streaks for me or the myserious haze comes back in a couple days. Water, keeps it clean for weeks at a time.

I just use lint free paper towels. Damp one to clean.. (or two if it is dirty) and dry ones to dry it up.

Maverick said:
Interesting. ?I wouldn't have thought water would be enough to cut that stuff off.

Water will not cut the vinyl gases that haze the windows....unless you do that everyday....

Hey Maverick,

What does Iceman use?? ;D ;D ;D (TOP GUN humor)

I use two parts vinegar to one part water, the TV section of the Sunday paper and polish with a micro fiber(MF) cloth. I carry a MF in the console to catch any strays. My Female Dog is in preventing those damn water spots.

Murman :cool:
Wouldn't you know it, today, for the first time in 20+ days, it's cloudy today so I can't report whether the streaks are gone or not.

We'll maybe see this evening on the drive home.

BTW - Tried the vinegar/water method. Works better than anything else so far but still have some problems.

I use clean towels but maybe I need a MF towel for the final wipe.

Also tried Zaino glass polish. Still streaks.
Hmmmmmmmmmm MAV....maybe your towels have stuff in them from the wash.......

YOu really have to buff the windows to remove those streaks....have you tried the surgical cotton towels?

For me it does not matter which glass cleaner but the towel I final wipe with......I have used 3 different window cleaners you can buy and plain water, water with alcohol and other methods and it seems it is always the last towel I wipe with that determines wether I get streaks or not.....

Have you determined if streaks occur on outside or inside by doing the final wipe in different directions inside vs outside.......?
what about the defroster wires in the rear window?? i just use windex and see it turn colors?
Many to choose from....somewhere in this section is a thread where I link to several online vendors.....

I feel www.neatitems.com to be the safest and best deal...ie high quality at a good price....

there are others I mentioned though and well....it is in here somewhere.....

I still think you should try your final buff with a really high quality cotton surgical towel...they have a very tight weave and do not lint...and well...they buff dayum good....a little heavy breath for some spots and a wipe and they clean away streaks.....

Good Luck

Or drive down here and I u show ya how >:D
I tired Stoners window cleaner for the first time last night as well as zainoed the truck. I was very very impressed with how clean the windows are. The can says it will make your windows invisible and it did just that. I now have the cleanest windows I have ever seen. I used a white surgical cotton towel to apply Stoners to both sides and wiped it clean.

It comes in an aerosol can and I found it at Pep Boys. Hope this helps I was very impressed as was my wife.
Stoners is good stuff....glad you like....
I'm still freaking out about some straks in the windows. Will try the lighter fluid method tonite.

We'll see.
I would love to get rid of those spots. Wipping right away is not always an option in the Pacific NW. It will rain (drizzle) just enough to get stuff wet then stop. So if I am at work, there is no chance to get out there to dry it each time.

Is there a reliable product which will help prevent the water spotting?
pdxkevin said:
Is there a reliable product which will help prevent the water spotting?

Try applying Aquapel.....the water tends to run off for me on the outside windows....Or Rain-x or even a polymer sealant..

But other than that not much you can do...hard water stinks....
This is driving me nuts!!!!!!

I've tried everything so far except Stoners Glass Cleaner. ?I tried to stop in Austin Saturday (can't find it here in Killeen, Tx) late at PepBoys for the Stoners but they were already closed. D**n the luck!

I've tried vinegar/water, Windex, Eagle 20/20, lighter fluid. ?None work. ?Tried 100% cotton towel, MF towels, T-shirts.

It's mainly on the inside but both sides are affected.

Any other suggestions out there???????
Try using wadded-up newspaper instead of all that other toweling.
Tried newspaper. It will get the haze off but it's something else. It don't know if the lighter fluid did something or not.

When I rub my finger on the window (inside), I can change direction of the streaking but can't lift it off.

Weird, huh?

There is bound to be something out there that will clean it off easy if I knew what to use. I don't want to try something that might permanently etch into the glass.
:B: Here's my .02;

Gunk ( yeah, the people that make the engine degreaser ) has a window spray that guarantees not to streak..........well, it comes close, but the trick to this stuff is to BUFF it out ( just like Zaino ). Spray a light cost - it foams up white - then use newspaper / paper towels to get the bug hits, bird drops, etc., then with FRESH papers / towels wipe ( buff ) the same area, and it should appear clean. Timing is everything, so it takes a few times to figure out exactly when to start buffing after the initial wipe. I started doing my dad's windows with GlassWax 35 years ago, so you really don't want to know how many products I've pitched in that time. This stuff works the best for me.......your mileage may vary.