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Window Tint Blue's


SM 2003
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Feb 19, 2003
This has not been my week. I Got a ticket for side window tint today :8: :8: In Michigan you can't have anything on you front side windows. It's
either pay the $80 fine or have it taken off and show up to court with it off and no fine. I paid $80 to have it put on, So I am going to just pay the fine and hope it doesnt happen again. I have had tint for over ten years on different vehicles with no problems. (I know that is not a excuse,but there a little more important things he could have been doing with his time)MSP at there finest. He must have wanted a close up look at the avalanche. ;) Because there were more cars around me with tint than there were without it. I felt like asking him if it was a april fools joke.
In California it is also unlawful to have any sort of window tinting on the front side windows. Although I have been seriously thinking about getting a 40-50% tint job done on them >:D
I too live in Michigan and wanted to tint the front windows, but after hearing many stories about tickets I deceided to leave then alone.
Traz said:
? If you get stopped again just roll the windows down QUICK. ;) ;)
Hey now that is a dayum fine idea. :0:

Although I suspect that they have already stopped you 'cos they can't see who is inside. :cautious: Could be worse for you... down here they will put a non-compliance notice on your vehicle which means that you have to get a full vehicle inspection, rectify any faults and present the vehicle to the police with the report within 28 days. Otherwise they cancel your registration.