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Windshield Chips


Full Member
Jun 24, 2002
San Diego, CA
I was behind a trash truck the other day the was hauling a dumpster. The truck hit a bump in the freeway and some rocks and sand came out of the back of the dumpster. I ended up getting two chips in the windshield, needless to say I was pissed. :8:

I took down the number of the truck as well as the company name and called them from my office the next day. I explained to them what had happened and finally got in touch with the appropraite person. Once I spoke to him, he said "Call AllStar Glass, give them my name, we'll pay to replace it."

How cool is that? Talk about taking responsibility. I was more than impressed. Just thought I would share a little story with everyone.
Yeah, the on ramp I take to enter the freeway has gravel and cement trucks on it all the time. I have few little ones in my windshield too. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than to have one of these jerkwads in front of me :8: I'm sure my next ticket will be for darting across 2 lanes of freeway to the fast lane to avoid these guys. At least they took care of it for you. People in SD are nice, try it in Fresno and you get the finger and a laugh! I'm surprised they didn't say that you couldn't prove it was their truck.
i have a couple of chips too. i even have a small crack in mine on the driverside. i plan on having that one fixed before it gets out of hand. :B:
I had the same thing happen to me except it was a flat bed, while still behind him I called their office and told them it was a rock from on top of the flat bed that had fallen off,he told me since it was from on top of the truck he would fix it. I think it depends on who you talk to and how they feel at the time, because how do you prove it.
I got a chip on mine. Unfortunately it wasnt off a commecial truck. It looked like it was kicked up by a pickup truck. I saw it coming but couldn't avoid it because I was towing a trailer behind me. It hit right in the center of my field of vision. I had a glass guy come out and repair it and if it was somewhere else on the window it would have been fine but being it was right where I look I had to replace the window.

Anyone looking for a good glass guy in Chicago call Novus Glass. Small company, does a great job.
I just noticed a huge chip in my window the other day :C: Not sure how it got there. It must have happened when my wife was driving. I am going to go by a windshield repair kit and see if I can fix it before it turns into something real Bad..... :mad:
I got a chip/small crack on the way back from a deer hunting trip in Montana. Of course, it's exactly where I look out of the center of the windshield (Murphy lives!)

The locals wanted $70.00 to fix the chip, so I went to an auto parts store and bought a Permatex chip kit for $7.00. Hey, how bad can I screw up?

Anyway, it took me a couple of hours to get it exactly right, but it was worth the effort.

The repair deleted perhaps 80% of the visible damage. Plus, I did it myself and I feel great about that.