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Windshield Rattle


Full Member
May 28, 2002
Hello everyone!!
I am curious to know if anyone has had a rattle coming from the windshield. I believe it is the plastic piece that runns along the bottom of the front windshield. I most notice it when going over bumps...fast or slow. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
DO you have a bug deflector? Have you double taped the windshield side trim pieces.......

Maybe the plastic grate in front of windshield is loose?
I needed to do the "tape mod" mentioned above and I do not have a bug deflector. I changed out my antena and it caused turbulance at High Speeds ( above 80). Any modification to the exterior forward of the windshield can cause this annoying windshield vibration/rattle and the "double sided tape mod" should fix most noise. The windshield wiper cowl being loose, might present a noise, but IMO I doubt you would be able to hear that as you WILL hear those side windshield trim pieces rattle against the glass.


jamiejamiep said:
yes it is loose- the plastic grate. ?but how do I fix it?

See if there are any attaching hardware you can tighten....or maybe you can get some sort of gooey clay like stuff..(Called Dum Dum At dealers) and stuff it under neath to stop rattling....

OR take it to dealer and complain.........