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Windshield Wiper, Wonder?



got change a year old, and pushing 22,000mi. just got off a trip with a lot of rain driving and begin to see wiper blades are not giving a perfect cleaning anymore. Anybody know of any blades better than the factory ones, and what about the wiper arms, also??? I still gotta be careful not to hit the back of the hood with the arms, and try to turn on wipers, and turn off key to leave wipers straight up when cleaning windshield!
I like Bosche blades.........Hard to find refills now adays it seems all anyone sells is replacement arms....
thanks you guys, gonna look for both, and not just stick a set of pep boys blades back on. ps i just like a clean windshield, and dont do the rain x thing anymore!
THere are a few manufactures that offer a Silicone based blade. These are wonderfull. I do not remember the name of them, but had them on my Sierra. They claim they last up to 10 years, and do not crack or streak. Also, with the Silicone content, you do not need to use products like Rain-X, they kind of form a layer on your glass. (Rain-X uses Silicone type molecule strings to make all that water bead and blow off). Hope this helps. Oh, and when I bought them, I found them in the J.C. Whitney catalogue.
openminds, thanks for the idea, i,ll go to the book store, ithink they got mr jcs catalog, there.

hey open, sometimes, kidding around, I'll tell one of the guys, I have forgotton, more than i remember.

I keep coming back to the av club, to refresh my memory on avs.

If i find a super good wiper blade, ill post it here!!!

you know another wiper wierdo???? my wiper arms seem to have hundreds of little pits, or abrasion on them, like the ?paint is being blasted off the arms??
I agree about the Bosch blades. I put a pair of those on my Expedition (pre-Av days). You do tend to find them only as a blade and arm though and not a refill blade.

Also good are the Trico blades as they are Teflon coated.

So jamie, are they at pep boys, or discount auto?? or from magazines??? I'm due anyday for blades, and my arms have a bunch of ...spots on them!!

and I think you might be auctin, top dog, for the av poster, so if you like the sail plexi windows, let me know. ( I mailed them to wiki today).

keep your av, sharp, and mod every chance you get!!
got change says see ya!
I'm also in a search for wiper blades lately, to replace the factory one's after 10k miles on our 02' Z66. I guess the performance isn't that bad, but the noise is getting really old, so much so that we try to leave them on as low a setting as possible so we don't have to hear it.

I'm looking into Bosche and Amco right now, because the queen told me to find her new ones ASAP, whatever the price. On a search I go...
My blades are also biting the dust here soon..I usually replace them after the winter and before again.....the ice and snow does a number on those babies...I was looking into the Bosche...RainX is also suppose to be good...I would like to replace just the blade and not the entire arm...... :B:
got change, still looking, for a clean windshield.

what auto supply have you found the bosch blades at? pep boys, and bennett dont have them , down here!

i wonder about mail order, or maybe ill try to find a web site, for bosch!

lemme know you guys, its past time to change them!