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Wiper Motor Noise



It is raining here today and first time I had my AV in the rain :( using the windshield wipers. Does your wiper motor/transmission make a sort of high pitch whining noise? My '86 Chevy truck nor our '92 Olds did not make this kind of noise.
If me Avalanche could talk, I'm sure it would be complaining that it's ready to grow mold! All we've had in Western Washington is rain and snow for the last five weeks. Although there is the slightest bit of a motor noise (and I mean slight) there is no whine - could you describe the noise a bit more? I'll take a careful listen on my way in tomorrow (yup - more rain coming)


P.S. - Can't wait for it to finally warm up and dry out so I can drive backwindowless and topless...
No noise at all in my avy with the blades pumping at any speed.

Here is a tip:

Try and find STP Vision Blade or PPG Aquapel window treatment...it is a RainX product but works much better in that it does not use silicones so when using the wipers it does not leave a hazy smear. Also the water beads are taller and blow off quicker.
Listened carefully today in my Av while driving in the rain and did not hear any motor noise either. I did however hear the "dripping noise" described in another thread coming from the back (just the rain water being guided by the water management system).

Keep us posted!