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Work With Your Dealer To "Tag" New Av Owners


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I know that a lot of folks have talked to their dealers about handing out brochures to new Avalanche owners and have generally had luke warm results. To encourage sign ups and to increase distribution of Avalanche Zone magazine we've created a tagging program specifically for Chevrolet Dealerships.

If a dealer signs up a customer as a Supporting Member at point of sale for their Avalanche, or through the service department - the club will pay a finders fee of $5 to the dealership. In other words if you're buying a new Avalanche - when you go see the legal paperwork/finance dude part of the pitch would be - oh by the way, would you like to become a Supporting Member of the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America. Here is a brochure it costs $39.95 and we can sign you up today. They sign up a new member, we make new owner very happy with their purchase, which means they are happy and will probably go back to the dealer, we get a new member, and the dealer makes $5 for thirty seconds of effort. A good deal all around. Further even if the person doesn't sign up they are at least aware of the club - and we may get at the bare minimum a new member.

Of course if you've been tagging than you know that none of the brochures support this. Well I'm in the middle of updating both brochures for dealers and owners, and creating a new one specific to Supporting Members. So how do you get involved? Really simple. First - you'll need the brochure to go to the dealer with when you talk about the program. You can find it in the resources section or you can simply click here.

This is a new brochure that is completely updated on club features, member numbers and our leadership position. It also features some new cool graphics. Because we're still waiting for Chevrolet legal final approval the logo for the club is not on the new brochure. Once we have the blessing it will be added.

If the dealer wants to sign up in the program (because we need to track sign ups so we can pay them) they will need to complete a simple two page form and agreement.

click here to see form.

If you look at the form you'll see that Section 4 is all about you. Now why would be want to know about the referal? Well when you sign up a dealer we want to thank you for your work. So for each new member that comes through the dealer, you get $2 - pretty cool 'ehhh?

We will continue with tagging as members and the tagging we use will only talk about free memberships. Please don't push Supporting Memberships with people on the street. However I think if we put some "skin in the game" so to speak and create a financial reason for dealers to promote the club, they will be far more likely to do it.

Anyway, that's the deal. Who is with me! (y)
This is an excellent Idea Chief. I have full support of the Two sponsoring dealers the Dallas Ft Worth Chapter has. This might be a big boost for everyone involved.
I will take this to John Walters Chevrolet in Conway, AR. I already know that I will have is support in this! Great idea Chief!
It becomes a great idea when we start getting new members! ;D
Okay printed out copies here at home and will make more at work - I will drop them off at the dealer this week and we will see how she goes. ;)

Excellent choice of AV colors BTW ;) :D ;D >:D
hey chief/fearless leader just wanted to know if you had posted a listing of the dealerships that had signed up. I had talked with my dealership here in st.louis who has 3 locations and was interested to find out if theyed sent in the paperwork yet.
just wanted to bring this back up to the top since the chief was in the hospital when i asked about this before
Not a single dealer has sent in paperwork - I'm working with GM Flint, MI to try and kick start this program. They are interested but there are some legal/boundary issues that need to be addressed.

Don't be discouraged and please keep up the grass roots efforts!