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You can order whenever you like, but Chevy won't build it. I ordered mine on July 2nd of this year. At the time there was no information from the dealer (I am in Canada) or otherwise that there would be a delay. At this point no one, including GM Canada, has the production date nailed down. The only info available is that Sage Green is being phased out in favour of Yellow. Exactly when????

The only date available is from the US Chevy site that states Yellow as being available January '03. Once again, no one seems to know if this means that anyone can walk into a dealership in January and buy one, meaning that production would start very soon, or that Yellow is going into production in January, meaning that we might see them in our hands in February, or even as late as March.

Goo seemed to have some inside knowledge on this. I wonder if he has any updates.

I would really like to see one, I like the color but my wife says its a deal breaker for now. We were at the dealer last night and he didn't have a clue when/if they would get any yellow ones in, but did indicate they wouldn't get any of the North Face editions in as they don't sell well for them.

I'm not very clear if you could order the yellow without the North Face edition though.
My Literature from Chev indicates that the yellow will be available in January. You can have yellow without having to get the NF Edition.

I just got off the phone with my dealer. My YELLOW Av will be built sometime during the last week of December. If it gets out of the factory before New Years, I should have it sometime in late January (I'm in Canada).

I assume that mine will be one of the first Yellow built since it has been on order since July. This should indicate general (not special ordered) availability by mid January for those closer to the factory and by February for the rest of us.

I can hardly wait.