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Jul 18, 2002
Two of my local dealers in N.J. have about 75 AV's between them. Now with the 2003's coming soon, if most of these 2002's are left over.......

what kind of deal do you think I can get on a 2002, and does anyone have any info if GM will extend the zero percent beyond Sept. 3 rd.

I just feel the deals to move the 2002's will get better AFTER Sept. 3 rd.

Any thoughts.
The dealers around the New Orleans area have very few AVs left. This is the main reason I am waiting for a 2003. I can't believe the 2002 inventory your dealers still have. If the vehicles are still there then they will have to offer a incentive to get rid of them, IMHO. Otherwise they will sell the 2003s and sit on the remainding 2002s.

If u do buy a 2002 check about stackability. I was able to get cash back plus 0% finacing for 36 months they call it stacking where instead of one or the other they give u both, it helped me make my 2002 buying choice.
LEATHER says he got "Stackability", meaning 0% plus a rebate. With all due respect, is this really true, or is there some modified choices out there ?
Leather is right - there are all sorts of unknown little rebates out there. I know that Chevrolet was giving rebates last year on Avalanches built before a certain date (won't quote the date because I don't remember). So I got 0.0% for 36 months and $1,000 cash back. Pretty sweet on a brand new 02 buying it in 01!

Remember that although the deal may be sweet - you're going to take a huge hit in equity. If you plan to keep your Avalanche four, five, six years no big deal. If you trade in frequently (18 to 36 months) you may find yourself very upside down on your loan.

Personally with 0.0% I'm a fan of going with the free financing versus the rebate. It saves you a ton of money in the end.

Seventy-five Avalanches? Wow! I don't think there are 75 Avalanches on all of the combined Seattle west side dealers from Everett to Seatac!
I can tell you that All-American Chevrolet in Middletown, N.J. has AV's lined up as far as the eye can see. They have an ad in the local paper constantly, offering basic AV's at $24,995. So, they are talking already adout $8,000 off to begin with.

This is why I am considering waiting until the 2003's show up and this dealer is about to jump out of the window.
Does anybody have and inside scoop if GM is going to put any rebates or better financing on the 2003 AV's ???