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  1. D

    2010 Avalanche z71, 165k miles - Transmission Overhaul, Fluid change, or Let it Ride?

    She runs great. Bought in 2015 with 60k miles. Haven't had any real issues at all. Would like it to last for a long time, only put maybe 8k miles on it per year, half highway / half city. So I took it in to get the transmission checked out. Like I said nothing really wrong, runs really smooth...
  2. O

    what tranny do I have?

    I have a 2002 avalanche 1500 2wd and my transmission went out. I am not 100% sure witch trans I have either the 4l60 or the 4l60e. i just need some help looking that up somehow. If any one could help that would be great. thanks. I need the RPO stuff.
  3. J

    Soon to be owner! Some questions

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum. I have always loved the Chevy Avalanche and think I'll finally become an owner. Back in 2018 I almost bought a 2011 LTZ with 50k miles, price was right around $24-25k, I couldn't justify it then and passed it up, wish I hadn't. Now I have the opportunity to...
  4. Radavy

    Transmission Linkage issues?

    Hello all, Firstly I'd like to thank all of you for all the information I have gathered from this forum through out the ownership of my first avalanche with the various querks and features they have. Unfortunately I have some across an issue that I can't find a definitive answer through...
  5. Jeffrey1988

    Replacing Tranny Issues

    I have a 2004 5.3L Z71 Avalanche with the 4L60E tranny with way too many miles on it. The tranny failed. I found another 4L60E in a 1999 4x4 Blazer with a 4.2L V6 that I replaced the bad one with. I swapped the bell housings and the transfer cases and put the Avalanche's back in the Avalanche...
  6. Jeffrey1988

    Transmission's skip or mis

    My wife's 02 Avalanche was running fine and still does. Here's the set up to the problem. We recently had an unusual amount of snow in the area we just moved into. She's had her truck for about a year and we've put a lot of miles on it without issues. Mostly hwy miles but some city but no off...
  7. 2003LANCHE

    Transmission issue

    Hello everyone let me start off by saying my 2003 Avalanche has 290k miles. I bought it 5 months ago it's a 1 owner never in an accident. The transmission has slipped since i bought it and have recently got around too having my mechanic entirely rebuild the transmission for $1300. Considering im...
  8. B

    High RPM

    03 Avalanche Z71 I was driving on the highway going about 60mph on cruise control I sped up to get over a lane. But when I put my foot on the gas the rpm shot up to 5000 rpm I slowed down and pulled over instantly took the nearest exit and drove home. As I was driving home anytime I tried to go...
  9. J

    Transmission issue

    Hello folks...I have a 2005 avalanche with 140k miles. Driving home from work today, truck seemed to pop out of gear although indicator still in drive. I bumped it up to neutral then back to drive. It stayed engaged for about a hundred feet and then kicked out. Now I have nothing but a whirring...
  10. WELDUR

    Engine running rough and transmission not shifting right

    My 03 avalanche 5.3 is running horribly and not shifting properly. In the past 2 days I've replaced the cam sensor and crank sensor with it still doing the same thing. I'm not throwing any knock codes. I have almost zero acceleration and it acts like it don't want to shift. When I pull it into...
  11. 0

    Won't shift into gear.

    02' 1500 I recently got my transmission rebuilt and it was running fine. However during the process I damaged the transfer case shift motor and I couldn't get out of 4wd. I replaced it but now my truck won't go into gear at all, and everyone I shift back to park there's a loud creaking sound.
  12. N

    Why Newer Avalanche's Have A Lower Tow Rating?

    Just got me a 2004 Chevy Avalanche with 126k Miles on it, I'm in love with it. In the midst of doing the research before purchasing one, I found that for some reason the newer avalanche's seem to have a lower towing capacity than the older ones, especially between the two generations of avvs. I...
  13. 1

    Issues shifting from 2 to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, and overdrive

    I am having issues with my 2004 Z66 avalanche where the truck does not seem to want to shift from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th and it will not engage overdrive or is stuck in overdrive (im not sure) it will randomly rev out to 4000-6000rpms and will not shift until I let it drop back below...