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200,000 Mile Club


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Dec 2, 2020
My 2003 1500 has 217k miles on it, Ive had it since new with little mods. I've decided to remedy that as money becomes available. Isn't that and wife's approval always the case.

My motor still runs great with no smoke and drives great. I did have to have the tranny rebuilt at 154K and just replaced the plugs for the second time and the knock sensors for the first time, as well as the AC clutch and the 13 year old valve cover gaskets in the last three months. I over towed a 6000 lb trailer for a while and carried more than the miniscule payload a time or three with lumber loads. Last year I replaced the pitman, and idler arms, upper and lower ball joints, sway bar links, tie rods and sway bar bushing. It's very tight now, and does the sweeping 90 degree turn over then local freeway bridge on the way to the city at 90 MPH. Last summer I replaced the rotors with drilled and slotted ones, and bit the bullet for ceramic pads. It stops better than when I drove it off the lot in '03. I replaced the gauge cluster for less than a hundred bucks with all new gauges, and am on the third set of tires now.

I have put way less money into this Chevy than I have in my last 5 Fords, but I wish I had been more patient and waited to find the 2500 instead of this wannabe truck. With the price of decent 4x4 trucks starting at 50-60K these days, my 30K list of future overlander mods and a rotisserie restoration should result in my old AV. being better than any new 1/2 ton for half the price.

Anyone ever stay with a 1500 and beef up the frame for Dana 60's?

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