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Earliest Build Date, Born on date, oldest avy


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Feb 14, 2002
Chicago (Woodstock) area
Can anyone tell me how to determine tha build date of my AV? My dealer did their initial vehicle checkover in late June and I am wondering just how early my AV is. I bought it just after Christmas, 0% and $1000 bonus cash, 10% of window. Its loaded except for the roof rack and block heater, black w/tan, Z-71. Half-breed.
Look on the side of the drivers door. There is a sticker that will give you the month and year your truck was built. This is the same sticker that tell you how much air to put in your tires. If you find the build sheet it might give you the week when it was put together. I think my build sheet was in the glove box.
My dealer printed out my build sheet for me which gave me the build date plus all the options that were on my Truck. Just ask you service guy to print one out. It's no big deal for them. They just need your VIN
I will have to check with my dealer. Will the dealer have the actual date or just the month? The dealer did their prep on the vehicle June 20. Anyone know if they made any AVs in May? All I can find is June production figures.
The dealer should also be able to tell you how many illegals might have been smuggled out from the factory in the cargo bed..............
Bear with me, but I can't find any info plate or anything that shows when my Av was made. I assume there is a date code in the VIN, but I don't know the code.

Would someone mind enlighting me on this? Thanks.
Top right of the label on the drivers side door.

Or you can crawl underneath and read the fram build date - just about dead center of the passenger seat location - sort of like pouring you know what from a boot - the frame date is typically about a week before the build finish. :eek:
Thanks...... I can't believe I missed it on the label. I was reading some of the posts on problems and lack of problems and wondered if mine was built during a good or bad time. Well, it's 7-01, and I've not had any problems at all..... so far. 3700 miles. Bought in Dec.
Hey 7-01 was a great build date - my frame was 6-25 build 7-01 - no problems - must of been a good day in sunny Mexico. ;)
Yippie said:
so far. ?3700 miles. ?Bought in Dec.
You've got to get out of the house more!
I bought mine in Dec. also, and I'm over 5,000. (built 6/01)
Gandolphxx probably has even more than that, but he keeps adding to his odometer in 1/4 mile increments. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Prob a dumb question, but I've seen several of you reference the build date on your AV, and on the Water Leak thread I saw some Service Bulletins. My question is, how do I find the Mfg Date on my AV? If it is after a certain Service Bulletin is issued, can I assume the mods were already made? Any info would be appreciated!
I have the same question....Is it in your VIN or something? Also how do I find out which set of gears I have??? I bought my AV used.

Hey P....Do you drive Frankford daily by any chance?? I'm in Carrollton and see a blue AV daily heading towards 35. :B:
Your manufacture date is on the first line
of the sticker on the driver side door, along with the VIN and GVW and wheel size.

If you want the frame manufacture date, it is on the frame by the passenger side torsion bars, generally a week or two earlier than the "build date" ;D
Dudes, an easy question to answer. Open your drivers door and look at the edge of the door itself just below the latch. You should see the GM information sticker. In the top right corner will be a date. Mine says "01/02" which is a born on of Jan 2002.

Thanks for the info, guys. I guess I could have gone outside and looked, but my wife beat me out of the house today and took the AV. I think she likes it more than I do!

Beast, tried to send you a msg but don't know if you got it. I'm a little north & east of you, Plano area, but there's 3 blue ones in my neighborhood alone! I'm kind of glad they are not making that color next year. Maybe there won't be so many of us running around! :B:
I notice that a number of members indicate the year their Avalanche was manufactured. I looked at my door panel and learned that the manufacture date was 5/01.

Does this date mean that Chevy was manufacturing 2002 Avalanches as early as 5/01?? I bought mine last Thursday and I now have to wonder where this baby has been sitting for 14 months. My dealer had to obtain it from another dealer. It's a pewter, 4x4 basic model but with third party installed full leather seats

Before I accepted the vehicle they replaced the hood, instead of painting the entire hood (that's what they said) because of a deep gouge in the paint....dealer didn't notice it, but I sure did. The hard cover bed cover panels were also replaced because of the numerous stains on them...I really wonder if they were, in fact, replaced as they still seem somewhat soiled. The bed mat has a couple of dark stains near the tailgate, possibly oil or other staining fluid. I just noticed these stains and the door to paranoia has now been opened......

Can I rest assured that this is a 2002 model (were these babies even sold in 01?). Should I insist on a new bed mat, or am I being fussy?

Incidentally, I did get a lot of useful information when I posted a question regarding sun shades. Thanks to all.
It would appear that you have one of the very early ones - 14 months, I believe the record is 4/01. Yes, they are all 2002 model year, mine was 7/01. If you want to verify it check under the frame by the passenger door - should be a frame date assembly tag.

It has obviously been sitting around for quite a while, probably had some leakage that wasn't tended to - I would definitely address the bed mat issue with the dealer. Here are some other things I would check or have the dealer address.

1. If it has the roof rack, check under the thich rubber molding above the doors for rust, it just peels back. If so, have them redo it and repaint.

2. Check your engine hours - to see your hour meter, simply turn off the key, press and hold the trip reset button - and make sure it makes sense for the miles you have.

3. Insist that the dealer change the oil at 500 miles and the front and rear differential - after 14 months, it can use it.

Then enjoy it ;D
Mine was on the dealer's lot for eight days in June. They received delivery of two 4.10 rear axle ratio AVs at the same time.

It turns out, these were virtually the only 4.10s in Southeast Florida (I was working with several dealers who did searches--everyone kept turning up these same two AVs).

When I finally purchased mine, the dealer knew he had a unique item. I don't think the next guy is going to get the deal I got on a 4.10 AV. The law of supply and demand has caught up to the 2002 4.10s in South Florida . . . :cautious:
But nobody loved it for 6 months...........I love to chamois it down after a nice wash with a soft lambs wool mit.
Sorry I got carried way. :love: