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Helping With Goo929 Funeral Expenses


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
For those who don't know, goo929 - aka Pete died at 6:00 PM on December 31, 2002 of a heart attack. ?Pete is one of the earliest members of the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club joining on February 6, 2002. ?Since then he has gone on to be our most prolific poster who has been generous with his time and money toward the club. ?He has been one of the strongest supporting forces putting together the largest meets and cruises in the club and was working on the 2003 southwest meet. ?Yesterday the Chevrolet Avalanche community lost a friend, an ally and a very good man.

For those who may not know Pete had a lot of medical problems and because of this he had no life insurance. ?His family is now saddled with the unexpected costs of a funeral on top of everything else going on on what should be a wonderful day.

I know this is after the holidays and I know we asked you to dig deep to help another member just a couple weeks ago - but this is goo, and his family needs our help in the short term.

If you want to make a donation to help defray funeral costs you can click the "donate" button (look up and to the right - it's below the sponsor ad and above the navigation bar). ?You can make a donation by credit card or checking account via PayPal. ?At this time because no arrangements have been made I can't exactly say when the cut off date will be for donations - or if we'll keep taking donations after the funeral. ?When you make a donation please put - FOR PETE in the comments line. ?This is very important so the donations can be tracked. ?As with other activities in the past your donation will remain anonymous - as it is complicated to sort out who does and doesn't want their name listed.

Second - when we start some new programs in a few weeks I will start a CAFCNA fund for one of two things (still thinking). ?It will either be a scholarship for members children who will be going to college to study mechanical engineering or other fields that could be applied to the automotive industry in Petes name. ?The other possibility is an annual grant to a respectable diabetes research organization. ?Through a program I'm involved in if I do the annual diabetes grant I can get the money doubled up to $10K - so I'm leaning toward that direction. ?Again the donation would be in Petes name.

I'm so profoundly sad this morning over this news. ?We've lost a most valuable member and he will be sorely missed. ?God speed goo - I know your on an Avalanche cruise up in heaven. ? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :6:
Finding out that Pete"s parents dont have enough to cover the needs from their loss, I would like to urge our members to step forward and help as much as they can. Lets give back a portion of the selfless devotion Pete gave to us and this site.

I am proud to have known him and to make my donation
In Loving Memory of Pete (Goo 929)
Richard Spaulding

I am honored to do my part for goo. We had become tweedledee and tweedledum of the Texas Avalanche site, and it will be hard to try and fill those shoes.

Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have been able to know such a great man.

I wanted to offer to order any flowers that the club might want to send to his family....being his fellow purple cohort....it'd be an honor.

If there's anything else we can do don't hesitate to ask.

I think the diabetes research donation is a wonderful idea....

You can count on it. ?

If there's anything else we can do don't hesitate to ask.

I think the diabetes research donation is a wonderful idea....

I second both of these.
got change, is going to paypal, from here, and knowing when i look thru my plexi sail panel windows, up at heaven, the almighty goo will be there glowing in a purple haze.

see ya' there someday,

was my av brother!!
My donation has been completed. Money won't bring him back, but it'll help soften the blow to his family.
Where I work at the Sheriff's Office we have a Broken Star Fund.

Employees can donate a small amount from each paycheck (payroll will automatically deduct it) to go into a general fund to help other employees in times like this. The minimum requested (no minimum requirement) they ask is $.25 per paycheck. With over 3500 employees, even people giving $.50/month adds up very quickly.

The money is used for a variety of things. From sending get well soon cards, to sending flowers, to helping with medical bills and funeral expenses.

I think a similiar fund would work well for the club too. We currently have over 4700 members. If everyone was asked to donate $.50 or $1 per month into the fund, we'd have a nice amount available when unfortunate things like this happen.

I don't think there is anyone that would have to check their current bank or credit card balance before being able to donate $1.

Maybe have a target amount of money to keep in the fund and use the rest to donate to a charity or scholarship or other cause?

Thank you for starting this thread and giving me the opportunity to help :)
I will be glad to donate. Goo was so much help to all of us. We have truly lost a friend and family. May the big AV in the sky look upon Goo and his family through all of this..
Helping with expenses and expressing my sorrow just doesn't seem to be enough..but it is all I can do. I will say a special prayer for Pete in church this Sunday.

I have made my contribution and will send out a memo to all my members of this fourm for there contibutions.
Lets step up folks, Pete gave his all for this club, we can give a bit back now when his need is greatest - thanks.
Glad to help!

Goo will be sadly missed by all of his friends here in Ohio. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pete and his family in this their time of such sorrow. :cry:
I read your post nearly an hour ago..... I still can not adaquately express the sense of loss. ?Having never been in the same room as Pete does not lessen the feeling of having known him. ?Pete, AKA Goo, was a great man and an ardant activist for CAFCNA and Av modding.

We are sending his name on to our church, so that he and his family may be included in the congregational prayers.

After payday, we will be able to make a donation in Pete's name.

May his family take solace in knowing that he was loved as both a friend and brother, and he will be missed greatly.
I'm Glad to help !!! Pete I will miss you.

I remember on the last GTG on the Dec 26. Pete was telling me that he was getting more neon for his AV.

Contribution Made!!!!


I support the Fund for Pete and a donation to the Diabetes Research Fund in Pete's Name. Being a diabetic myself I'm for any help in curing the disease.

Rest in Peace Pete

Brian Dugan and family
Donation made (y)

Is there any way we can find out the name, address and date of the showing and funeral. That way we can send flowers as well.
donation made.

I will be glad to help in anyway I can...

let us know Chief what you need from us in JAX and Southeast AVrs.

Donation made
I didn't personal know pete but I spoke to him via e-mail on 12/30/02 . He gave me the discount code for the sport wing with in a half hour of my e-mail.Nice man very sad for the loss.God bless :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Chief, paypal done, let me know if it does not come through.
Pete, we will all miss your humor and dedication to making this a better place for all to come and sit back and enjoy. Our prayers will be with you and your family
I'm just back to work from being off for medical reasons for close to 3 months, but I can't say no. Donation made.
Heck, Pete was one guy who checked in to see how I was doing after my operation, telling me to take it easy. IM'ed me a couple of days ago out of the blue to see what was shakin'.

That's all.
Donation Made...
Pete was one of the Driving forces behind the WV & NEO chapter to finally get organized...and he showed us the way...The CAFCNA membership just helped one of our members just the other day and now it is our turn to return the favor

the idea of a fund to a diabetes charity is a great Idea, as a Diabetic and a Diabetes Educator I can think of no better way to have Goo's memory live on- Bubba :cry: