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I Modded Today. Big Time.


SM 2003
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May 9, 2002
I got my new wheels and tires on today. I'm loving it.



Gotta love dim 20's.

Those rims, with the black color and the dark front window tint, look sweet.

That Ford Explorer Sport Trac, or whatever it is in the background of the picture, looks jealous. >:D
I'll be putting the old one on EBay this weekend. I need to get them cleaned up and photographed first. If anyone here is interested, shoot me an e-mail. The tires have 5000 miles on them.


chazy ghost say tight i say right right on its lookin good my black z71 will get rims someday, where you live i need a couple goodyears cause mine are showing wear were all proud of ya ride on avs
Did you have to do the wheel-well mod to fit the 20's or did you just get smaller tires to compensate for the 20's? In any event, your AV looks real nice...
The wheel well mod was not needed with 285/50 tires on a 20 inch rim. The new tire is actually about a half inch shorter and with the rims I got, they stick out a little more than the stock rims.

Hot Rims The proper 20 inch tire is a 295 50 20 that is the exact height match for the stock tires on the av tghe 285 50 20's are real popular because goodyear makes eagle GTll's in that size fairly cheap.... the only thing is the 285's knock off your speedo a bit the 295's keep the speedo correct

Good luck with the rims they look real good
Kudos to ya for packin in those 20's...they look really nice....I also have to admit that a drop may be in order....depending on your tastes....great truck :B:
The Extreme said:
They're Bazo B4 rims.


Hi, very nice rims. I see you also were smart to go with low maint. style. That was a big item with me. The comment about tire size is bang on. I 'allowed' the shop to set the tire size and they went with 285/45 which knocked too much of the size in my opionion. I will replace with 295/50 when I wear them out.

Some have suggested a drop on the truck. If you go to my photos www.picturetrail.com/sparky0 and look at either tires and rims, or better yet go to bottom album, and you can see slam kit, plus spoiler, plus visor, plus cladding paint.

Have fun with the rims
Sharp!!! I'm still debating on the 22's. let me know how the goodyears wear out. I have the crappy Firestones on my AV. :-[ If I do the 20's I'll put the Nitto 305/50/20 on 20 x 10 rims. If I do 22's I'll put the Khomo 305/45/23 on 22 x 10. I think I will not be able to drop with the 22's. Where did you get your wheel & tire package?
I got the wheels and tires from www.customwheel.com.

If anyone is interested, they were :eek:$2780.00 :eek: delivered to my door ready for mounting.

If anyone has any info on the drop kit, I'd be interested in hearing it. Price, how it will changed my ride, etc.

You guys and gals have convinced me; I'm ready to drop it.

rager24, I'm glad you like your new wheels.