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It's Raining Avalanches!


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well, I know for the website it's a good thing Chevy is selling a lot of them, but I wish I could have enjoyed having the only one on the road for a lot longer!

Saturday while running downtown to fix the website we spotted three Avalanches in just 15 miles! ?A black Z-71 in my own town, a blue Z-71 with a factory brush guard by the Space Needle, and then a white (what I think was a 2500 4X4) pulling out of the Space Needle with the factory ski carrier on the hitch.

Then on Sunday we spotted another black Z-71 on I-5 and a another blue Z-71 off of US 2 out by Sultan.

It was raining Avalanches!
I hope you waved 'em down and gave 'em each a member brochure. ;)
I did slap a brochure on the parked one by the Space Needle (the blue one)

BruceCr_ms said:
I tagged three AV's up at Snoqualimie Pass (West) on Saturday. ?Sorry if I gave you one, Chief. ? ;D

Chief skis up at Stevens - so you didn't tag me. Trust me, if I found my truck tagged I'd feel like that guy in the movie Fight Club.

Chief, Chief, Chief, three Avs in 15 miles?!?! I stopped at a light on a country road north of Dallas, there were three of us at the intersection!

OK, one was a Caddy, but you get the drift. We're not alone anymore.
At a time when we had 4 Avs in the area, I filled with gas at one station with another Av only two bays away. The second time it turned out to be my dentist.

Today, while voting in the state primary, I'm in the voting booth and I hear "Tim, that's one those Avalanches, isn't it?" from one of the election judges. She went on telling the other judges how it could be converted from an SUV to an ATV (her words).
Since I saw my first one back in Nov I've only seen one other and that was today. A nice red Z-71 just like mine. Well almost like mine. He had a 6" lift with some 305's and a flowmaster. I had just detalied mine and my wife wanted to go to the store. Her car was in front of mine so we just took her Monte SS and wouldn't you know it, we pull into Albertson's and there he is and me without a Club brochure. Never again. I will put a few in the wifes car so if she ever see's any in San Fran while at work she can hand it out.
You think it is raining AV where you live... well check this out!!!!! :eek:


And here is a closer look!!! ;D


And this one...


It was because of this event that the AV become such a reality... wife wanted a 300M... I drove several of these AVs and took her out in one of them... SOLD... now to convince not to get the RED one... hehehehe

On the semi serious side... the Chevy dealers around here are having a great time selling lots of these... heck they are now offering them at invoice, plus 0% and the 2002 from GM on top of that... If only I had waited (well I would not have been able to land the Black AV 2500 4X4 we love so much).... :cool:
Chief Avalanche Fan said:
I did slap a brochure on the parked one by the Space Needle (the blue one)


Slapped?? ?I thought your son carefully placed it in my driver's window track!! ?:)

Personally, Chief, I am glad there are so many Avs in the Seattle metro area. ?It'll make the cruise even MORE fun. ?The more, the merrier..... :cool:
Holy red Av's......they must of had like 2 dozens out there.... :eek: :eek:
I was at that race, the 2001 Brickyard 400. They had at least 100 of those Victory Red Avs. They obviously used them to parade around the drivers. But they had an empty between each driver plus a few to lead and follow the parade. I stretched around a large protion of the track and lasted for a good half-hour. Following the "Avalanche" show was a parade of 30th Anniversary closeout Z-28s - both T-type and convertable.

That's when we knew that's what our next truck would be also! ;D
here in El Paso the dealer I got my truck from just gave me the mailing list to send out the latters about the club web site. he has sold 75 in 11 months. That is just 1 dealer out of 3....

You guys need stay away from the south if you want to be the only ones in your town. These babies are selling like mad down here, of course we kinda like trucks in the south. WOOOO PIG !
While driving home from work today...
I spotted 5 AVs on the freeway in the space of 30 min.
Count 'em 5... :eek:
This was between Palm Springs, CA. and Yucaipa, CA on the 10 freeway.
Well it's clear none of you are here in MoTown!

AsI drive through Detroit and the burbs, there is an AV everywhere I look. ?Sometimes four or five at a traffic light. ?

On the freeway, I can see three or four at any given time. ?Nearly all of them are Z-71.

We're taking over!
A week after I got my Indigo blue Z66 I was walking out to it after work and the remote wasn't working. I figured it was the remote battery or my first real problem. So I get to it and try the key - it doesn't work either. My brain is thinking - have I ever tried the key, is the door keyed wrong? - when I look in the window and realize it's not my Av. Mine was a row over. Later that week I parked right next to it ( a Z71 though) and it was kind of cool.

Then last night leaving the parking lot I followed out a black 'un.

It is raining Avs. Oh well.

Passed two AV's and an Escalade on my way home with 1.5 cubic yards of mulch in the bed today. Traded waves with one AV (my boss's boss) and the Escalade. Too fast to hand them brochures. :)
I posted this on another thread but there are 3 Indigo Blue Z66s in my Rotary Club of 60 members.

Took a road trip to visit my tranny guru and lo and behold, three AV's lined up accross the higway, all crawling along, a Pewter Z66, a Pewter Z71 and my clean Black 4x4 - on the way back saw a red Z71, waved and a guy in a small dirty car that gave me a one finger salute ;D
It is getting bad. Saturday I passed another Black 2500 pulling into the neighborhood grocery store. More than likely the guy lives within a 2-3 mile radius of me. :B:
I definitely don't feel so alone around here anymore...I've been seeing more and more Av's everday....Mostly Z-71's....

That's what I get for living within 4 miles of not 1 but 2 Chevy dealerships.... :B: