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Just before COVID hit, traded in the 2005 Colorado for a 2010 Avalanche (seriously). Hockey fans would understand. Don't regret my decision, though the cracked dash can suck it.
I’m close!! Not in NHL terms but I swapped out my Canyon Crew for my 11 Avy!


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Howdy. Newbie here, but not to Avy’s.
Original owner Black 2008 LTZ 4x4 with L76 6.0 engine.
Just swapped the original rear air shocks out (got tired of hearing the compressor) with new Delco’s so I
wouldn’t have “problems”.
I have problems. ABS and traction control idiot lights are now glaring in the dash so trying to figure out the fix.
Bought from Rock auto. Fast shipping, but zero people to talk to discuss issues.
Hope everyone is doing well during this “weirdest year” ever.


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Good evening gentlemen and women. I'm James, I live in Northern VA, Stafford to be exact. This isn't my first full-size GM SUV, but definitely my favorite. I loved my 04 yukon, but the AV is just so much more versatile.

Oh and I have an 05, ultimate (is that really a thing?), 2wd, victory red (non-cladded), on some filthy (not in a good way) 20s, with an astronomical number of miles. BUT she's very clean for the mileage and as soon as she gives up the ghost she'll get a 6.0 so she's even stronger as we die a little everyday in this traffic.

In the meanwhile she's getting lowered at least 4-4, new wheels (shooting for 24's), and freshened up on the inside and outside.
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