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Feb 27, 2002
Twin Cities, MN
Have any of you tried to register at the Avalanche Owners website from www.chevrolet.com? For some reason, it doesn't like my VIN number. Not sure if it is due to my dealer not keying the sale yet (now been 3 weeks!) within GM's computer system.

Just curious to hear if anyone else is having issues with that site or if it's useless anyway.

I bought my AV January 4th. The site still won't take my VIN. I've called them and emailed them numerous times plus I've faxed them all kinds of info, but still no cigar.
Same here. VIN not validated. I called them and they said to fax them my registration info and it will take 3 to 5 weeks for it to get into their database.

In a world of computers and a site with alot of promise........pretty poor!
Tried a couple of months ago - no luck. Just tried again - still no luck - VIN not valid.

This time I e-mailed GM - I'll let you all know what their reply is.
Glad to see we are almost all equally frustrated! That's one thing (and only one thing) that I will give credit to Ford on. My one and only experience with them was excellent. Got some free goodies after delivery. Even left positive messages for the design team (which is why I probably got more goodies ;D). Was able to visit the Ford owners site within a couple of days, not several weeks or longer as we are still waiting.

I guess the rebates and great financing are keeping them really busy (at least that's what I'll tell myself so as not to balme this on GM).

GM's response . . . .

Thank you for contacting GM BuyPower. We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing. When
a vehicle has been recently purchased, the site cannot validate the VIN because it has not been
loaded into our site. It usually takes about three months or a little more for vehicles to be loaded
into the site after purchase. Because of a technical problem with the site, we are unable at this
time to add your VIN to your profile. This is being worked on by the programmers and should be
corrected very soon. You can fax proof of ownership (title, current registration, or insurance card)
to 512-356-1161. Please include your phone number in case we need to contact us. Also include that
you already have a profile and just need to have the VIN added. We can then add your VIN when the
site allows us to. You can also contact us by phone at 1-866-694-6546. We apologize again and hope
this will be taken care of soon.

It shouldn't be this hard!

Mine worked some time ago probably around the time the first thread on here showed up so it may have been over 3 months I do not remember.

I wonder how many CARs & TRUCKs Gm has sold in a month and how many numbers they would have to punch in. It boggles my mind.

Ask the dealer if they have entered the info in the database or see if they can help.
I signed up last night. No problems.

PS - Wireless networks are great. Just carried the laptop out into the garage to enter the VIN#. ;D
Access to a place to record your maintenance. online owners manual I think.

Kinda cute I have not been back in a while I prefer the forum here more! ;D
I just tried, too, and it wouldn't take the VIN. Mine was built in September, purchased in December. I telephoned the given # and was advised they expect to have the glitch fixed after the first week of April and I could try the electronic registration then.
You know the web site is so bad when you type your VIN in so much, you have it memorized. :eek: