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Reader's Rides Screen Saver

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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Yup - I want to make one using the same engine for the Avalanche one on this site.

Here is the deal if you want your picture considered.

1) Upload it here as a clean JPG.

2) It MUST be 800 X 600 in size (ya you can squish it down to under 250K at that size - it is possible).

3) It has to be a nice picture with a nice background. Please no driveway, dealer lot, or parking lot shots.

4) I'll need about 20 images to choose from and about 1/2 will make the cut.

5) Your Avalanche does NOT have to have modifications.

6) Action shots will get special consideration as will shots of Avalanches towing, off-road, or in severe weather conditions (snow storm, flood, etc.)

You'll get photo credit in the screen saver when it's published.

I know I've got one I'm putting in -- so share your best Avalanche photos!
That takes me out of the equation...the only shots that I have are with houses in the background.....I have to get my a digi cam and take some good panaramic shots like Boar...... :B:
well if you want real life, at the time this is the only one i have which shows the bull bar and the flag bowtie and actually out in the swamp, not cleaned up sitting in the drive way as usual. i will work on trying to get one maybe along the mississippi river this week up on the levee with the river in the back ground with a tanker or two coming up the river.
Hey now!!!

Did you read the May issue of the CAFCNA magazine? If you did, you will find an article that will give you tips on how to go about photographing your rig. Anyone can do this! So head on out to the trail, the local cruise spot or your favorite park and get some pics taken...

I will be submitting some real soon.... :cool:

Happy AV Shooting!!!
This is the winner of my Return of Goo's Trademark Pictures poll at 800 x 600. If it doesn't meet your approval let me know and I will submit another ;D

I liked this shot posted by Boar-Ral.
. Hopefully he has it in 800x600.
That's a very nice shot Jamie.....I like the brush brings back memories... :B:
Thanks, NJAV

That was the best I could do without really trespassing too bad. There aren't too many good locations around the immediate area without drawing too much unwanted attention!

I also took a couple closeups of the hood and door to show how good that Zaino is... amazing! I'll find the Zaino thread and add to it this evening.

Since today is so nice and a clear-blue sky, I re-shot and am posting this photo for the screensaver.


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I think these would work,... but I am no good at resizing or making them sharper. Let me know if you want the file to edit:



Here is a shot of my truck taken in CO.

This was taken at night about 11,000 feet up - we were driving up to see where a real Avalanche happened the day before and killed a guy.

The next day we tried to go back during the day and this area was blown shut and I wasn't going to try it by myself since it was a 15 mile hike back to blacktop.
Another shot of my truck - if you were on the other side of the mtns in the background you would be in Boulder Colorado.



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Chief, since you asked here it is. ?The 800 x 600 doesn't do my 6Mpel D60 justice, but that's what you wanted.

Indigo Blue, molded mudflaps, Stripeman Chevrolet in Z fade gery, metallic blue Stripeman Avalanche letters, GM windshield guard, GM window visors (GM protection package).


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Nice shots RD! Really like AV1, The Avalanche looks good in snow. No pun intended ;)
*raising his hand, jumping up and down*

oh! oh! pick me! pick me!

Here's a shot I got last weekend 4-wheeling... I have the larger (800x600) version at home and will upload it tonight!

Great shot Crexis. Your Av looks right at home!
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