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Saab Gets The Zero Zero Zero Treatment


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Don't know if you've seen the latest zero, zero, zero ads from General Motors but Saab is now getting zero down, zero payments for 90 days, and zero interest treatment. That's HUGE for the product line. The new 9-3 is more mainstream in appearance, although I'm very dissapointed they dropped the hatchback. I would say incentives will only get better was we approach 2003, what a great time to be buying!
Chief is right.....this is a unique offer on behalf of GM for the Saab...but the one thing I think should have been done was to give it more ooomphh!....make that turbo sing....what's the ouput on the 9-3....215hp stock or something like that........bump it up to at least 265 or something in that neighborhood.... :B: